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by Turtle
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2241422
Weird things have been happening to Ludwig, and he doesn't know who or what is behind this

Ludwig: 17

Mystery Person: ?

Iggy: 14

Larry: 10

Lemmy: 8

*Warning: Contains Swearing*

It was a beautiful summer morning in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario has yet again defeated Bowser and the koopalings, and saved the princess, so it wasn't so beautiful for them today.
The Koopa Family were frustrated that they lost to him again. Everyone stomped to their rooms and slammed their doors shut. But no door slammed
louder than Ludwig's door.
He was even more frustrated than all the rest of his family. Something they were a little concerned about. Recently, Ludwig has been stressed about just about
everything. He barely comes out of his room, he keeps
yelling and breaking everything in his room, and he always lashes out to anyone that comes near him. Something had to be done. And no one knew it better than Iggy.

*4 days later*

Iggy awoke from his slumber to a sudden bang. He jumped in suprise and fell off his bed. He held his head in pain, and put on his glasses to see what or who made that bang. He couldn't who was in his room even after he turned on his light. It was hard to tell who it was. They were dressed in all black, making it difficult to see their face.
"What the...why are you in my room?! Do you not know what
time it is? It's five in the morning!" "Oh, shut up already! I need a favor from you." That didn't make things any better. They were disguising their voice with one of Iggy's inventions.
"Why would I want to help you after you broke into my room?" The mystery person leaned towards
Iggy, and whispered, "Do you want to help Ludwig feel better or not?"
"Why are you whispering?"
He soon got his answer when Ludwig threw something against a wall
(he was pretty sure that was his
"Alright, fine. What do you need?" "I need some of Ludwig's hair." "Why?" "You'll find out once I get
his hair." "How will I get his hair?
He never leaves his room,
he always lashes out on anyone
that comes near his room, and he..."
He was silenced by a cold finger to the lips. "We already know his problem. Have you not read the beginning of this story?" "Now's not the time to break the fourth wall!" "Whatever. Anyways, he always tears out his hair because of his stress level.
Find a couple pieces of hair, and bring them to me.
After that, we'll go from there."
Iggy thought about it. Was it really worth it? The prices he'd have to pay. On one side, he has to get strands of Ludwig's hair for something
he didn't know about. The things Ludwig could do to him....
On the other hand, what if he doesn't listen to this mysterious person?
What would happen if he...
He sighed. "Ok. I'll do it. At least we can finally get the old Ludwig back."
"Great. When you get it, meet me in your lab." "But can I do it when the sun's out? I still want to sleep."
"As long as you get it done, I don't care what you do."
As they were heading their separate ways, Iggy called out, "Do you mind fixing my door on your way out?"


Iggy awoke from his slumber yet again to another
loud and sudden bang. This time, he didn't fall
off his bed. Just sat up on his bed like he woke
up from a nightmare. Ludwig has yet again threw
something at his wall and broke it. Judging by how
loud that bang was, he figured it must have been
his bed.
Iggy rubbed his eyes, got out of bed, and stretched.
'Today's the day.' he thought. 'Today, I'm going to
steal some of Ludwig's hair for.... whatever reason
he, no she, no he, no.....ugh! Whatever reason they
wanted it for. Now that I think about it, how am I going
to get to Ludwig's room and steal his hair without being noticed?' he questioned.
"Wait. That's it! I got it!"
"Hey! Shut the **** up! Some of us are trying to sleep here!" After he said this, he threw a chair out in the hallway. Straight through his door. Iggy jumped at the sound. "It's getting worse." He sighed as he exited his room and made his way to Ludwig's room.
As he was about to knock on the door (not actually thinking about what he was doing), he noticed little pieces of blue hair on the floor. He picked them up, and grinned. "Perfect."
He balled his hand into a fist, and started to walk away, when he felt a pair of eyes behind him. He gulped, and slowly turned around to meet the eyes. He immediately regretted it. "What are you doing?" Iggy tensed trying to explain, but didn't know what to say. "I, uh... I..." "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" "I..." "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! GET OUT!" "I'm not even in your room!" "GET THE HELL OUT!" He tried swinging at Iggy, but he dodged it, and ran for his life.
Ludwig slammed his already broken door.
'Now I feel glad I'm doing this. He's getting too out of control.'

*Iggy's Lab*

"I got the hair." "Good." "And how did you get into my lab?" "I have my ways." The mysterious person, still dressed in black in broad daylight, went over to Iggy's desk, and opened a drawer. They pulled out a doll that looked exactly like Ludwig (besides the missing hair on its head). Iggy was confused, then looked shocked when he put the pieces together.
"You made a voodoo doll." "Yes. I could never get the hair, because Ludwig always foiled my plans. Now that I have it, the doll will come to life..." "And you will have full control over Ludwig's body movements. I know how a voodoo doll works." "Jeez." They sat in silence for a few minutes. Iggy broke the silence.
"You know you owe me." "Huh?" "You owe me. For getting the hair? The least you can do is tell me who you are." The mysterious person stood still for a minute. "Fine. After all, the doll is already done. And you did get the hair for me. Why don't I just show you instead."
The mysterious person walked up to Iggy, and started to slowly take his hood off. Iggy stood up, and stared at the mysterious person. 'Finally, I get to see who this is.' He was shocked when he met face the face with the mysterious person without the dark clothing, and a familiar face.

*Ludwig's POV*

I threw another chair at my wall. Then, I burned it into ashes. I was so angry! I just wanted to punch everything in sight! Damn. Is this what Roy feels like every day? Well, it feels great! I went up to my desk and burned it to a crisp. I stopped, and sighed. I collapsed on my knees. My room was destroyed. There was nothing left in here.
Just ashes, broken pieces of bed and laptop, and hair. Why did I feel like this? All I've felt for the past few days was anger and hatred. I wanted these feeling to go away, but I can't.l make them go. It's like...I like feeling this way? This was hurting my head.
Suddenly, my arm was raised. I didn't move my arm. Or did I. I just put it down and thought of it as nothing. My mother arm started to raise, and this time, I made sure to look. Now I know I'm not crazy! Someone is moving my arms! But how? This was impossible! I tried putting my arm down, but found out I couldn't.
"What the hell? What's going on? Who's doing this? Answer me!" Larry came in through Ludwig's chair hole in the door. "Hey, bro. What's up?" "You mean besides my arm, genius!?" "Hey, I just wanted to check on you, that's all." "Wow. That makes me feel so much better." "Really?" "No, of course not, you bloody moron! Now help me pull my arm down at once!"
Larry did as he was told. He went over to Ludwig, and pulled his arm down. His arm went back down. Ludwig stared at Larry in shock. "What?" "How did you do that?" "I just did what you told me to do." "But....but my arm was stuck!" "No it wasn't." Ludwig was in disbelief.
"Well...thank you, Larry. Now, get the hell out of my room. Now!" Ludwig snapped. Larry ran out the door, hitting his head in his way out. 'What the hell was that? I could've sworn my arm was stuck in the air.' My thoughts were cut short by a voice calling for me. "Ludwig, time for breakfast!" "Ugh! Coming, Father!" Well, I might as well get out. I've been cooped up in my room long enough. I stepped outside, thought about what happened one more time, then I headed to the kitchen for Father's crappy food.

*Bowser's Kitchen*
*3rd Person POV*

Ludwig stepped into the kitchen, only to find himself being bumped by Bowser. "Hey! What the hell, Father!?" "Sorry, son! Can't talk right now! I don't want to be late for a meeting!" With that, he hurried towards the board room. Ludwig shook his head, and went to sit next to Larry and Lemmy eating cereal.
"What's his deal?" "Oh, Dad needed to go to and interview some more people who wanted to join the Koopa Troop, and told me and Lemmy to finish eating." "And the others are..." "In their rooms. They got bored waiting for you, so they went to their rooms. Me and Larry have been sitting here the entire time, waiting for you." "Wow, I'm so glad you guys stayed." Ludwig sighed and sat next to them. "What's wrong, bro?" "NOTHING!" He slammed his fist on the table, breaking it in half. Larry and Lemmy jumped, grabbing their cereal before the bowls could break. Ludwig realized what he did, and tried to apologise.
"No. Don't. We get it. Come on, Lemmy. Ludwig wants to be alone." Both of them left the kitchen with their cereal. After they left, Ludwig sighed and slumped his shoulders. 'Why? Why am I doing this? Why can't I stop?' He then started to kick his foot around. "What's happening now?" He realized he couldn't control his foot, and tried to walk away, only to find himself stuck on the chair. "What's going on!? Whoever's doing this, stop this at once!"
His response was a punch to the face. With his own fist. He growled. "SHOW YOURSELF!" Someone giggled. Ludwig looked up, only to see Iggy with someone wearing dark clothes, making it impossible to know who that was. "What the hell? Iggy!?" "H-hi." He thought this was funny. Now, looking at Ludwig's eyes, he knew he was dead.
"This is your doing!?" WHAT THE HELL!? I'LL KILL YOU!"
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