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This little trip down memory lane segued into a dark and unplanned tale. Enjoy.
Pure As Snow.

By Stephen A Abell – Friday, January 8th 2021.

Number of Words – 293.

“Oh, I do love snow.

“The way it provides the Earth with an innocent and heavenly look. The weight of it damps down the sound and makes the surrounding area quiet and peaceful. I remember walking in the park when I was a youth. It was a literal winter wonderland. There was nobody around. Both dogs and walkers having chosen the blazing fireplace. Even though my feet were frozen in my boots and my legs were feeling the chill, there was no place I would have prefered being.

“As I wandered down the parade, which was bordered on both sides by large oaks and elms, I spotted a lone leaf. The melting snow having refrozen, secured it in the dead trees icy grasp. It was then I realised, even dead things can be beautiful; under the proper circumstances.

“And that beauty would last for weeks.

“However, when the snow comes nowadays, rain and thaw aren’t far behind. Bless you mankind, for giving us climate change. My heart is heavy with the thought that today's kids won’t be able to build a snowman or throw a snowball. Some of my finest childhood memories are of sledging with my dad and friends. How long will it be until these wondrous things fade into stories and legend?

“The land no longer represents heaven. The sludge and slush and the tormented countryside give a more depressed mundaneness to the vista. God forbid, the planet now portrays its people. We have taken His green Earth and literally torn it asunder.

“You know, some times somethings don’t deserve to look beautiful in life… or death!”

He brought the axe down on the CEO of the air travel company as the managers looked on. Their anguished cries muffled by tape.

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