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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2241475
Expanding the Story Baby! (Still in 90s Rural Wisconsin btw)
"I-I still can't believe what happened..." Andy said while driving home in his car. From the seat of his Red 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280, the man was still in shock about the incident that happened just hours ago. What was it even? The only thing he had heard about was a 7-Mile lockdown around State Route 59. It was very unusual, lockdowns didn't happen much in the backwoods, it was very rare. And for the FBI to be called in? Whatever happened at the Arcade must've been linked to the lockdown, right? It was all very weird for Andy as he pulled into the apartment complex. The complex, known as 'Sunset Apartments' were situated just south of Frigate and home to Andy. His apartment was 1B, located on the second floor of the Apartment. Andy couldn't believe himself when he got it for cheap compared to other houses in the area. And to not worry about an upstairs neighbor? Score!
"What a wild day..." Andy said as he walked into his apartment. He opened the door to see his wonderful home, and what lied in it. To his right was the Kitchen, with all your regular kitchen items, oven, fridge, sink, counter. To his left was the Living Room, home to a Cable TV and a chair. In the far back was the door to the bathroom, and his bed. The clock on the bedside table read "6:45."
"Finally, home sweet home!" Andy rejoiced as he plopped himself in the green reclining chair. He took the remote and put on NBC Channel 15, which was showing NBC Nightly News at the moment. To see Tom Brokaw's face was a sign of relief for Andy, as he could finally get some needed news. Andy went over to the Kitchen to fix himself dinner, tonight it was Grilled Chicken with Broccoli and for dessert, some Vanilla Ice Cream. As he placed the Grilled Chicken onto his plate, he heard the News playing in the background, and rushed to the TV just as Brokaw spoke.
"Breaking News out of Rural Wisconsin, as the Government has issued a 7-Mile lockdown around the site of a meteorite crash site. Some critics questioning the decision to lockdown the area while some have said Aliens are the reason behind the lockdown, but the Government has continued its effort. Helen Brackshaw reporting."
"Tonight, lockdown!" The News Reporter spoke. "Local, State, And National Officials have locked down a portion of Wisconsin State Route 59 due to a meteorite landing, everybody from the FBI, NSA, and Wisconsin State Patrol have showed up to lockdown the area. Some have questioned why the Government would take such action with something so small as this, but the FBI have issued a statement." She finished as a clip about the lockdown played, and Andy went back to his dinner. After finishing his food, he went and got a shower, and walked out in his sleepwear, which were long grey pants, and a New Jersey Devils shirt. As he changed the channel, he came across ESPN. The Devils were doing well, as they had just beaten Tampa Bay, making them 19-9-0. Andy pumped his fist in the air with delight. It was crazy how a Jersey Boy made it here. After junior college, Andy went out west to search for a job, and found one as a State Trooper. There were still problems for him. He hadn't found a girl, his only real friend was Michael, and he hadn't seen his family in a while, something he wanted to do. He had called them before and they talked to him, but he wanted to see his family in the flesh. Bored, he decided to put on some vinyl.
"Let's see... What do we have here..." He spoke. " The Beatles, Radiohead, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Star Wars Soundtrack, and..." He paused. "Miami Vice! I'm feeling in a Vice Mood, I'll put that on." He said as took he took the soundtrack record and put it onto the turntable, and let the magic happen. Music began to pump out of the speakers, and for a time, all was fine...


A grey Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor pulled into the parking lot of 'Starcade' and out stepped an FBI Agent. Dressed with biege pants, white shirt, and blue FBI jacket, he walked into 'Starcade' and adjusted his FBI Cap once inside. The attendant asked the man what he was doing.
"Excuse me sir, what are you-" He was stopped by the Agent.
"James Bellingham, FBI. I have some questions concerning what happened here a few hours ago?"
"You mean the ghost?" The attendant replied.
"Yeah... the 'Ghost,' I'd like to ask you some questions about that, can we sit down?"
"Su-Sure..." The attendant pulled up a chair for Bellingham.
"First, what's your name?" Bellingham asked.
"Jamie, Jamie Martinez."
"And you work here?"
"So, describe to me what happened earlier."
"So, these 2 State Troopers-"
"State Troopers witnessed this!?"
"Yea, Yeah... I kinda know the guys, their nice and they live nearby."
"Ok, so what happened."
"So, 1 one of Troopers went to practice on the Air Hockey table behind you."
"And during his practice, the striker magically floated in the air."
"And the puck did too, and then the striker magically hit the puck into the opposite goal. It was crazy, like a ghost, but... It didn't seem familiar with the game."
"I see." Bellingham now got up for his chair before Martinez stopped him.
"Officer!" Martinez asked. "Am I going to prison for this?" Bellingham turned around.
"No, we'll have you brought in for further questioning." He responded before leaving the arcade.
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