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A women goes through a house of horror.
I enter the hallway and see nothing but darkness.

The moldy floor boards creak beneath me. I know it’s here. I know it can smell me.

I don’t see it in the hallway, but there are still rooms to check. I slowly open the door to the bathroom but I don’t flick the lights on. It likes the dark. I see nothing in the bathroom except a blood spattered shower, and someone else’s shadow, I move on.

The door to the spare bedroom is already open, I see a nice clean room with a decaying corpse wrapped in black velvet laying on the bed. I can still hear her screams. As I come back to the hallway, the dust smells of fear and the air tastes like blood. I know it is near.

I can’t see the rest of the hallway in front of me, so I pace towards the staircase.. The house goes quiet, but I can still feel the thunder shaking the house as the scratched up floorboards cut my feet.

It can now find me, it will follow my blood.

The kitchen suddenly went loud with screams and cries of the innocent. My eyes started to water. I saw a woman standing over the kitchen sink doing the dishes, her tight dress-coat hugging her torso, while her flimsy skirt was ripped up to her knees. I never liked her, I’m glad someone planted that knife in her head. The woman looked at me. A sharp blade puncturing her eye. She looks like she is in pain, but I know she can’t feel anything.

The screams stop.

Its silent…

But I can still hear it’s foot steps close by me.

I see a noose hanging from the doorway into the living room, and I hear it’s foot steps get louder.

The TV is turned onto static, with a couple snuggling on the couch. They are frozen in fear as someone jumps up from behind them and pours acid on them. There flesh melts away revealing bone and blood. Lots and lots of blood. That will be one hell of a mess to clean up afterwards.

I pull aside the curtains covering the big glass windows. I see only darkness. My stomach starts to turn. It feels almost as if the house is falling, and will never stop.

I see different colour streams of light swirl around in the black. I don’t understand why this house sits between all realities. It’s just something my mother wanted.

I enter the back room of the house, my father called this his slaughter room.

I saw an old woman sitting in a rocking chair humming a sad tune. It sounds almost like the tune from inside of a music box.

The old woman sits and knits with her yarn. The blanket she is knitting is covered in peoples face’s as the Grim Reaper comes to sacrifice them to the gods.

I get closer to the woman, her eyes are gone. It looks like they were dug out with forks. That would explain the bloody forks in the kitchen.

I hear its’ footsteps…

It is near.

It is above me…

I run past the old woman with no eyes.

I run past the couple with no flesh.

I run past the woman with a knife in her eye.

I am at the bottom of the staircase. I can hear it calling me from up stairs.

It wants me to come closer.

Each step I take I feel more sane.

My heart slows. My mind is clear. I slowly close my eyes.

When I open my eyes I am laying in my bed. I am frozen with fear, and drenched in sweat and agony.

I can hear its foot steps.

I know it is coming.

I know it will eat me.

I know I am going to die.

Please help me.

I am not a good person.

But help me.


Its’ foot steps get louder and louder, until I see something enter the doorway to my room. At first I just see a dark figure but then I realize that its me.

I was running from myself.

I am my own monster.
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