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Flash Fiction
Five AM Thursday

I was wide awake, I hated when this happened. My alarm wasn’t due to go off till six and even then, I had a snooze alarm I could hit a couple times. If I tried to go back to sleep now, by the time I did, I’d wake to the alarm, groggy and cranky.

I lay there trying to figure out why I’d woken up now. I wasn’t too cold or hot, I didn’t need the bathroom, I wasn’t laying on any of my appendages, cutting off the circulation, what woke me? As I chatted with myself, I suddenly had an odd thought. “What is your name?”

What is your name? I thought. You’ve got to be kidding me. I am not starting up with split personality or something at this point in my life! But then, “My name is Anna.”

Suddenly I was even more awake. My name is not Anna! I lay there, stock still trying not to move, straining my ears for any sound out of place in my room, but there seemed to be nothing. Minutes passed, nothing. Now I began to think I must have actually been asleep and didn’t realize it. The more I thought about it the more it seemed it had to be the real answer. I began to relax. I glanced at the clock. Five-fifty-eight.

“The alarm is going to go off in two minutes,” said the voice in my head, “we could push the button down so it won’t.” and my hand reached up to the clock. My hand reached up to the clock, but I didn’t seem to be reaching up to the clock...

“We have a lot to talk about, let’s call in sick today,” the voice in my head said, as my hand reached for my phone.
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