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Our political system is in a state of dysfunction and I am frightened, aren't others?
A State of Anarchy

Do we all have a special place
in our hearts for Americans on Flight 93?
How brave could so many citizens be?
Like soldiers that stormed Normandy.

They loved our country with their very lives.
Believed in our laws, our values and rights.
What would they think of that attack on the Hill?
Giving their last measure to keep DC peacefully still.

Concern has plagued me these four years.
The man in charge playing with fears.
Puppet master enticed inner demons.
Spreading havoc, hoaxes and schemes.

I really prayed we would make it through.
To a gentler side where people found truth.
Many have called this a cult of personality.
His lies have fueled brutal hate and fatalities.

A patriot, tears fill my eyes singing our anthem.
America, land of the free, our shining city on the hill.
Now hijacked by those who will do it ill.
Capital Hill attacked. Not the peoples' will.

Wasn’t our Covid pandemic quite enough?
It hasn’t been handled well, aren’t we fed up?
People dying by thousands each day.
Our President, no calming words to even say.

We all saw his childish need for publicity.
These days of terror are consuming our lives.
A tragedy; reasons to be determined by history.
Countries watch as we cry in a land of mystery.

It is a moral travesty, based on facts and reality.
So, I plead with you, my fellow citizens.
If you care about our laws, morals and values.
Open your eyes, see this carnage in front of you and me.

By Kathie Stehr
Jan 10, 2021

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