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*Siberian Anarchy Intensifies* This Is A Bruh Meme (And You'll Learn Alt-History!)
My name is Alexander Lagunov, I am originally from Perm, Russia, however currently I am living in Tomsk, Russia. If you don't know already, I am part of the Siberian Black Army, we are a group of anarchists that are fighting for the Liberation of the Russian Workers! But unlike our Authoritarian Communist Brothers, we seek to give the Worker the freedom to do as he chooses, not what a dictator chooses for him! For us, it means more for the worker to work what he pleases without the fear of the state. As anarchists, we don't really have a leader, but in my Calvary Company we have "Anarchy Momma!" Nobody knows her real name, and some say she has killed those who have spoken her true name. She wears an eyepatch on her right eye, and has long brown hair. She is a great Calvary leader who has killed many a Communists and Fascists alike, and not always with a rifle, but with a sword! Tonight I heard we are raiding the East Siberians, if you've never heard of them, they are Monarchists who use the power of their king to oppress the workers! To them there is a difference between a king and a worker, but to us there is not! A man is no different from another man, and should be treated as such! We must spread the Revolution to help our oppressed brothers! Wait, my friend Dmitri is now calling me, and I answer him promptly.
"Dmitri? What is it?" I ask.
"We're moving out." He says. "We're raiding the East Siberians."
"I thought we were doing that, what do you need from me?" I respond.
"Your horse, she is strong, no?"
"She is very strong, what is it that she must do?"
"We need a strong horse to carry a Machinegun." He responds. "Your horse is one of the strongest there is."
"Bu-But, she is strong for carrying me? How will she do with a Machinegun?"
"Relax! Calm down Alexander, you seem nervous."
"I just don't want my horse shot!"
"Nobody does! But we must do it for the good of the Revolution!" I sigh.
"Ok, I'll do it, who's shooting the gun?"
"I am." Dmitri then walks out of the barn I am staying in.

It's now around... 5:PM. There's some light in the sky, but it'll be dark sooner than later. We're currently in the countryside, and we're moving out in about 15 or so minutes. I walk over to my horse to see the Machinegun on a wagon behind her.
"Oh my, oh my, what did they do to you?" I say to my horse. She neighs in reply. "I know, I know, I don't like it either, but we'll do it for the good of the Revolution." As I turn around, I look back at the small barn where some of us stayed. It was a good barn, well built, warm, large. With that last look, and Dmitri manning the Machinegun, we headed off into the east, waiting to strike...

Ok, I have no idea what time it is, but Anarchy Momma just told us to halt. It was unusual for us to halt this far. She turned her head towards both of the forests on either side of us and told us to draw our weapons. I had a simply Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 on my back, it was a good rifle, reliable, cheap, Russian. I aimed down the Iron Sights to see nothing that my eye could see.
"See anything Dmitri?" I ask.
"No, not in these forests." He replies.
"Do you at least like my horse?" I say as my horse's tail hits Dmitri. I chuckle.
"If you'd like to know, I don't." He says as the horse's tail again hits him, like the horse meant to do that. "You need a new horse Alexander!"
"Ok, ok!" I continue to laugh. Anarchy Momma turns her head to give us a stern look and the smile on my face is wiped away, only for it to return again moments later.
"Do not laugh." She says in a military-like voice. "You will get us detected." I nod in approval as she gives us to the order to move again.

It's dark now, and I heard we're almost near the enemy camp. I'm getting tired, I just want this over and done with. We're told to halt again, but to set up for an attack now.
"Why did we bring the Machinegun." I whine.
"I asking that question myself." Dmitri replies. We are given the order to ready our weapons, so I take my rifle and sword and ready for the fight. After giving our flag to the colour bearer, we were about to begin. The flag is black with a skull and bones in the the middle. Simple, yet a show of mighty force. As we wait, I see light in the distance. It's rising, rising, then diving... Wait, enemy aircraft! It was some kind of Fighter-Bomber as it dropped a bomb nearby, giving away our surprise attack. We can now see East Siberian Soldiers running towards us. I quickly dismount my horse, and help Dmitri ready the Machinegun.
"Looks like we WILL use the gun." Dmitri says.
"Let's hope so." I reply. With Dmitri focusing on the gun, I jump back onto my horse, and charge the enemy.
"Hy-ya!" I say as I kick my horse, making her run towards the enemy. I draw my sword, and swing at an enemy, leaving him with a large cut on his right arm. I can clearly see the Machinegun fire coming from Dmitri, and he's quite a good shot!
"I think we can win this!" I think as I slash another enemy's arm. My horse and I are now rushing towards the enemy camp, with other Calvary Riders closing in on the enemy camp, I have full confidence, that is until I hear the noise... A large swoosh can be heard coming from above, and I know what it is.
"ARTILLERY!" Is heard from across the battlefield as a shell hits a rider dead on. I wince at the scene as I now am dodging gunfire and artillery at the same time. It's not looking good so far, that is until the artillery stops, and I see the Machinegun being pulled by another horse with Dmitri firing the Machinegun! With the support, we overrun the enemy camp and win the raid. We've done it! We have defeated the enemy and gained a foothold to spread the Revolution further. As I take a sip of Vodka at the sight of our victory, I see my good friend Dmitri out there, partying. I then suddenly remember our motto:


To All Those Who Stand In The Way Of The Working People!
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