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Daily Flash fiction challenge for 1/9/21 | Word count: 295
"So what is your name anyways?" The woman asked, in a lilting voice that seemed familiar and not at the same time.
"I'm afraid I don't know. What's yours?"
"It's Jaquelyn. What do you mean, you don't know?"
"That's what I mean."

Jaquelyn frowned, taking a sip of her tea.

"So what do you know? Rack your brain."
"I have." He mumbled, irritated. "Multiple times. There's nothing."
"Hmm. We'll have to fix that, won't we?" She sighed, standing up and throwing her scarf over her shoulder.
"I'll see you later, La- er, sorry."
With that she turned and rushed out of the small coffee shop, leaving him puzzled. Why had she acted so nervous? And hadn't she started to say something that sounded like a name? He needed answers, and she seemed like she had them.

He flagged down a waitress and shoved some bills in her hand, rushing outside and looking around wildly. He caught a blonde woman turning a corner and followed. Finally, she disappeared inside a warehouse.

The second he entered the door, he was aware of everything around him. Jaquelyn (if that was even her name) was sitting demurely in an ornate chair that heavily resembled a throne.

"What do you know about me? Tell me, I have a right to know."

"Your name is Lance. You are a government experiment, to determine if criminals can be rehabilitated by wiping their memories. I'm the head of this experiment. This will be the 3rd time you've been wiped, you're much too self-aware to stay that way, but this is your best time yet. Unfortunately, you won't remember that."


When he woke up in an Apartment, there was a note at the kitchen table.

Meet me at the Coffee Shop, noon today

- Jaquelyn

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