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A tale about how Daniel and his people have endured many hardships through time.
         Daniel is one of my co-workers at a well known package express company. He's a pretty cool dude with a lot of very interesting ideas about this world in which we all live in. He is a devout Miami Dolphin's fan. Simply because of their colorful uniforms and interesting mascot. It was a big let down for Daniel when his 10-6 Dolphins just missed out on the playoffs this year, but he got over it.

         Daniel gets excited when he sees what he refers to as one of his people. He feels that his people have been the victims of unjust treatment for a long time. He says that this unjust treatment for his people has come into play when applying for jobs as well as other things in life. Daniel says that when he is out eating at a restaurant that people just stare at him for being a little bit different. When he use to be a cashier at a gas station, customers would always question his motive for what he does. He would get rather tired of that too.

         Now at this point you may be wandering just what makes Daniel and his people different from everyone else in this world. Well it's Daniel's choice to have a different hair style. That style isn't the cut, it's the choice of a unique color. Most people have a basic conventional hair color of brown, black, blonde or red hair. Daniel however has a variety of five vivid hair colors ranging from green, blue, orange, red and silver. You could say that Daniel is considered a five star general amongst his people. It takes up to eight hours for Daniel to get his hair done. He normally gets his sister, who is enrolled and going to a hair style and cosmetology academy, to perform the work on his hair. One of Daniel's people, who we use to call blue hair, changed her hair color back to dark brown, because she got tired of standing out in a crowd. But not Daniel, his hair shines brightly on still today.

         Always remember to beware of the stare of Daniel Shaw, he had no children only dolls, and if you see him in your dreams, be sure you never ever scream.

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