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The memoirs of a puffer fish. An attempt to write a complete story only in dialogue.
“That’s ridiculous.”
“I assure you, it’s no joke.”
“You’re really…”
“But… you’re a fish.”
“I’m aware of that.”
“It’s a rather long story.”
“How long?”
“6 minutes and 47 seconds.”
“I thought fish only had a 3 second memory.”
“That’s goldfish. I’m a puffer.”
“Big difference.”
“I see. So?”
“Are you going to tell me?”
“You still want to know?”
“Well, alright then.”
“Thank you.”
“It all started exactly a week ago...”
“To the minute. I was living happily in a pet store with my friends, minding my own business, when in walks this snot-nosed little brat. She takes one look at me, points, and screams that I’m the one she wants.”
“That’s rough.”
“No kidding.”
“So, she bought you?”
“Her father bought me after she threw a tantrum. They took me home with them right then… and nothing was ever the same.”
“What happened?”
“She tried to drown me.”
“She what?”
“She tried to drown me. I survived, though.”
“It was a close call.”
“I bet.”
“So there you have it.”
“That’s why you’re afraid of water?”
“Pretty much.”
“Have you tried therapy?”
“Do you know any fish therapists?”
“No, I guess not. What about hypnotism?”
“I didn’t think of that.”
“Maybe you should try it.”
“Think it would work?”
“Couldn’t hurt.”
“…hurt what?”
“Your fear.”
“What fear?”
“Of water?”
“That’s ridiculous. I’m a fish.”
“Right. A puffer fish.”
“Out of curiosity, how long does your memory last?”
“A week and seven minutes.”
“Oh, ok.”

Word count: 255
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