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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2241604
Another boating adventure with Billie and Jamie.
Billie didn't have to talk Jamie into this boating adventure..

"The sun is really glaring off the water!" Jamie said. They launched their 420 into the Thames.

"Heh, a clear Sunday in January..." Billie replied. "Wind 10 knots from the Southwest. Slight chop. Ideal for the Club's first Frostbiting Race."

"12 minutes to the start," Jamie said. "Let's run the line to setup."

Back and forth along the starting line, checking how far to go before turning, the objective to get to the starting gate just in time.

"BANG!" At the starting gun, they turned South. "Not bad," shouted Jamie, "we're in second."

The course was down-river to Green Can 3; up-river to Green Can 7; down-river again through the starting gate; repeat the loop once, finishing at the same gate.

On the first run up-river, their speed increased. "We're flying," Jamie exclaimed. Wind to 15 knots. Increasing waves, but going in the same direction, helping them along.

Rounding Can 7, things changed. Tacking into increasing wind, waves pounding into them.

"Still second," Billie reported, crossing the starting gate again. Rounding Can 3 again, wind and waves continued to build. Pushed them along, but the first place boat too.

Rounding Can 7, wind over 20 knots; waves throwing them around.

"Reef the main," hollered Billie.

"You don't mean that," shouted Jamie, "with less sail, we'll lose the race."

"I mean it," Billie laughed.

With a reef in, the boat could be handled. With each tack, they gained on the first place boat. Caught them just before the finish.

"Bang!" The gun signaled a win. They shouted, and waved thanks to the race committee.

At the Club, their Dad had a huge grin. "I'm proud of you guys for taking a reef and gaining control."

"Fist bump," Jamie said to Billie.
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