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A break up leads to a shake-up (ooh that rhymes)
"Just get out!"

"Aw, babe, you said we weren't going to do this."

"We aren't," She looked at him, her eyes boring into his. "because we're done. Get out."

"You don't mean that. Just calm down and we'll talk."

She had already turned away, her hands gripping the back of a chair like claws, her knuckles white.

"I am calm." She seethed through gritted teeth. "And you are leaving."

"Tell me what I did, Em."

"More like what you didn't do, Trevor. What you couldn't do." She froze, looking nervous. Trevor was speechless for a moment but recovered quickly, new anger blossoming in his core.

"There's another guy, isn't there?" His voice was quiet but still had a lethal edge to it. Emily swallowed and started to say something.

"Trev, it wasn't my fault. Oh, Trev-" She started crying right then and there.

"Sure it wasn't. You're right, we're over. I'll leave." He went upstairs and packed his possessions as quickly as possible. She followed, trying to stop him. He'd bear the fingernail marks for weeks to come.

As he shut the door, she called out one last insult.

"He's better than you'll ever be. He's rich, and he actually loves me!"

"I loved you more than myself, Em," he muttered to himself. "We'll see how long he loves you for."


The bar had become a second home to Trevor, and it was finally starting to feel like one. He'd met some nice folks there, and Emily had become all but a distant memory, and one day, he met a girl. Her name was Katrina, she went by Kat, and she loved him just as much as he loved her. They were happy together. After a year, he got down on one knee. She accepted. Trevor was finally happy.

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