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A girl with psychic powers discovers a mysterious girl with only the lower half of a body.
Olivia was a relatively normal girl who just happened to have psychic powers. The first power she discovered, and the only one she knew she had until she was nearing her 21st birthday, was the power to hear the voices of the voiceless. She could understand words coming from people who could not speak. Despite her wanting to believe she could understand animals, it was apparent that her ability only applied to humans and possibly humanoid beings from other worlds and dimensions. She first discovered it at the age of 19 when she and her friends were exploring an abandoned insane asylum on a Sunday afternoon. They heard footsteps and crashing sounds coming from the floor above them. They were just about to leave in case it was the sound of a police officer, but Olivia stopped them:
"Wait. I think I can hear him speaking."
"I don't hear anyone talking," said Melissa.
"I think you're going crazy. We should leave you here in case you really are crazy. If whoever's up there isn't a killer, then maybe you are," said Ken.
"He's not saying anything about killing," responded Olivia, "I think it's more along the lines of 'Where is it? Where is it? I can't find the remote.'"
"You're still crazy. I'm outta here," said Ken as he disappeared on the spot.
"I will give you 20 bucks if you talk to that guy yourself," announced Melissa.
"Challenge accepted, Melissa. But you're coming with me. If anything happens to me, I need someone to make fun of me on the internet."

The two girls went upstairs and saw a homeless man - dirty, unshaven, and dressed in tattered clothes - pacing the room in panic. The homeless man screamed when he saw them. Olivia responded, "Calm down. We didn't steal your remote." He backed off like he discovered the existence of someone who would try to help him instead of run away.
"Where did you last see it?"
Olivia understood his wordless grunts as him trying to tell them where the couch was. Melissa ran to the couch to check under the cushions then move it to see if the remote was behind it. She found an 80s remote for an 80s TV set. The homeless man confirmed to Olivia that the remote Melissa found was the remote he was looking for. Making strange throat noises and pig squeals, he invited the girls to watch TV with them. Olivia accepted it and Melissa reluctantly went with her. Although there was no power in the building, the homeless man imagined turning on the TV with the remote. According to Olivia, he thought he was watching Miami Vice. During the first "commercial break" the mute man was so sucked into what he imagined being on the TV, he didn't notice the two girls slipping away from him. Melissa was relived that he was harmless and give Olivia 50 bucks. Melissa then asked:
"How did you know what he was saying?"
"I don't know."
"Did you just find out you have supernatural powers?"
"It looks that way."

New Year's Eve:

Olivia was walking to her car alone at night. The car was parked near a dark alley where she heard a trash can being knocked over. She decided to get a flashlight from her car's glove compartment to investigate for a minute or two before driving off. She didn't see anyone but heard a very faint sound of footsteps before the wind picked up. Olivia pointed her flashlight towards the ground at a random angle then saw a pair of bare female feet. Moving the flashlight upwards to see what the girl looked like, Olivia felt a brief moment of surprise when she saw that there was nothing but a flat surface just a few inches above that girl's belly button! The lower-half girl was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and that's presumably all she had been wearing for an extended period of time. Olivia took several steps back to see if the legs would move. They remained completely still until Olivia took some steps forward. Then the lower-half girl started walking towards her.

Olivia didn't want to ask the strange girl anything about why her legs were able to walk about with no upper body. Instead she tried to befriend her:

"How long have you been out here?" The lower-half girl tapped her right foot a few times.
"Aren't you a little cold? Dirty? Bruised? Scratched?"
The lower-half girl tried to lift her leg to show her sole but put it down to keep from falling.

"This dark alley is a dangerous place for a girl like you to hide."
"Okay, I believe you, but kicking and stomping alone can't get everyone to leave you alone."
"I am well aware that people will think you're a freak even if they don't try to take advantage of you, but you still can't just hide away from the world forever. You need a friend."
"You're welcome. My name is Olivia, by the way."
"Nice to meet you, Sarah! I was just on my way to a friend's New Year's Eve party. I had to stop to get some snacks. Would you like to come with me?"

Sarah walked with Olivia to the car. As Olivia drove, Sarah stuck her legs out of the front seat window, waving her feet to whoever could see them. They made it to Melissa's house where Olivia tried to entertain the party guests by introducing them to Sarah. Some people commented on the perfect shape of Sarah's butt. Among those people was Ken, who touched it then received a kick in his own butt by Sarah getting behind him to kick it. Olivia called him out on it:
"So, Ken, you're apparently only afraid of freaks that don't have nice figures. Or maybe you don't think Sarah can hurt you without hands. You may think we're freaks, but at least we're not cowards!"

Olivia continued trying to include Sarah in the party by letting her light some fireworks. Olivia lit a match and carefully placed it between Sarah's toes. Sarah lit the fuse with her left foot then promptly hopped backwards on her right foot while the fireworks were set off. Olivia picked up the match from between Sarah's toes and blew it out. Olivia then gave Sarah a fresh match to light with the matchbox. It was a miracle that Sarah didn't burn her feet that night. Melissa was amazed that Olivia's powers appeared to be real all along. Melissa asked Olivia, who was translating Sarah's foot-wiggles:
"What's the deal with your friend there? Is she some sort of alien? Did a magician's assistant's legs develop a mind of her own when she was sawed in half? How is she even alive?"
"She says she's always been like that. Her boobs, hands, head, things like that, simply do not exist. She thinks you wouldn't understand her biology, but she keeps insisting that she doesn't have what you call an upper half. It never existed. Ever."
"I guess I'll believe you since there is no logical way to solve this mystery."
"Don't believe me, believe Sarah. Her name is Sarah. What you're hearing about her from me is nothing more than what I'm translating from her. You should try talking to Sarah yourself."

Melissa turned to Sarah and said:
"Hi Sarah! You seem like you could be a cool girl. The way Olivia is gushing about her new friend is so cute. You are going to have so much fun with her. By the way, I'm sorry for dwelling on your appearance a bit."
"Sarah forgives you."
"Thank you. Friends?"
Sarah raised her right foot and Melissa bent down to shake it with her hand. Sarah then walked over to Olivia. Sarah stood on her toes to get a hug from Olivia, who bent down a little to wrap her arms around Sarah's legs. From that moment, Sarah and Olivia became best friends.

About a year and a half later:

Sarah and Olivia were at Melissa's brother's graduation party. It was obvious that Sarah was somehow capable of seeing and hearing. She even had "eyes" for one of the guests at the party! Olivia was not sure that it was appropriate for her and Sarah to just walk up to a random person, just because he's cute, and try to socialize:
"Really, Sarah? You really think we should just walk up to him and tell him you like him? I don't think he even knows who you are. He seems like he's only here because his brother is here for Melissa's brother, and he has lots of friends. I don't think they all know about his sister being friends with a girl who's somehow only her legs."
Sarah, wearing high heels that covered most of her feet, stomped her right foot on the ground in frustration.
"Alright, we'll try to talk to him... if we can get him to come to us."
Sarah wiggled her toes, still visible with her shoes on, in delight then Olivia shouted:
While Melissa was running the grill, the other two girls sat at a table nearby. Olivia removed Sarah's shoes to scrub the lower-half girl's feet and dry them. Olivia gave Sarah a fresh coat of purple nail polish then gave the feet one last brush to make Sarah feel confident enough to make her first official attempt at flirting.
"Now you're all prettied up, and just in time!"

A line to the grill started to form as the food was ready. The person Sarah wanted looked in her direction. She waved her feet at him, and then he looked back at the line two seconds later to get closer to the food. After picking up his food, he saw her pointing her feet toward him, bending her legs and feet in and out to beckon him towards her. It was getting harder for him to resist her charm as he walked closer to her, eventually giving in and placing his plate at the space across from her. All that was left for him to do before becoming hers was briefly walk to the other side of the table and back to make sure that there was a good reason why a strange girl was silently hitting on him with her legs and feet. Intrigued by her unusual appearance, he said just one word to her:
Sarah continued to wave her feet manically, enough for him to be convinced that she liked him, but he smiled and struggled to find out how to interact with her. She was trying to talk to him, but with no facial expressions of even hands to use sign language with, he couldn't quite figure out what she was trying to converse with him about. He spoke slowly, like he knew he had to say something, even if it might come back to bite him:
"I, don't really know you, but I think you're very pretty."
Sarah pointed downward and wiggled her toes a bit. He suspected that she was flattered by him calling her pretty, but he couldn't find much else to say, other than:
"I'm Keith, and you are?"
At that moment, Olivia came to his aid:
"Sarah. Her name is Sarah, and she's been demanding me to hook her up with you."
"Good news, Sarah, I'm single!"
"Sarah is happy to know that. Now she wants you to feel her feet."
Keith felt them and commented on their smoothness:
"Your skin is so smooth. It's like I've found heaven at a picnic table."
"Sarah really is an angel. She looked like she had just fallen out of heaven when I found her. I think it's possible that she really did jump down to Earth just to be my friend. I found her wandering through a dark alley, barefoot and refusing to explain why she was there, other than to hide from people who couldn't understand her. I have a supernatural power to communicate with people who can't communicate normally. I was starting to lose my friends after I discovered it, so it seemed like she wanted to make sure I still had at least one friend in case I were to lose my mind over my power."
Melissa butted in:
"You didn't lose me, Olivia. You never will. By the way, Keith, my brother is friends with your brother. It's impressive that I barely even know you."
"Your brother has lots of friends, so it's not really surprising."
Olivia quickly pulled Keith's focus back to her and Sarah:
"That's Melissa, my other best friend. She's been with me for pretty much my whole life, but even she was afraid of my powers. She thought I was schizophrenic or something because of all those voices that only I could hear. By the way, you have yet to show any interest in finding out how Sarah manages to be alive and well when she doesn't have an upper body."
"I thought she would get offended or, at best, give me an explanation that completely contradicts science. The only logical answer I can think of is that you discovered magic."
"That's the closest thing to an answer you can get. She claims she's always been like this but won't give details as to how this can happen. All that matters is that you're perfectly fine with her being this way."
"Yeah, I am."
Sarah wiggled her toes before extending her left leg across the table with her foot beneath his face. Olivia knew what Sarah wanted:
"She wants you to kiss her."
Keith felt Sarah's smooth foot a few times then kissed it. Sarah then dipped her toes in BBQ sauce then tried to draw the shape of lips on his cheek. He accepted it as a kiss. So did Olivia:
"Good. You're enjoying your first date with Sarah! She's your girlfriend now, Keith!"

Sarah and Keith exchanged emails at the party after Olivia confirmed that Sarah was capable of typing with her feet. Having just gotten himself an unusual girlfriend, it was inevitable that Keith would waste little time introducing her to his friends and family. He didn't see any indication that his brother knew of any stories about friends with siblings with especially weird friends, so he expected his brother to make fun of him for having a foot fetish because it was the only way one could fall in love with someone whose nonexistent features made her pretty much forced to do just about everything with her feet.

Melissa's brother drove to Keith's house with Sarah, Olivia, and some of his own friends. Sarah was set to stun in a black skirt different pair of high heels from the ones she was wearing before. Keith's brother never met her, but all but confirmed that he did hear about her before: "So, she really is real. And you're dating her, Keith? You're even weirder!" They went to the house to show their friends the NES console they found at a thrift store and some games they bought on eBay to make use of it. Olivia hooked up the console and said that Sarah wanted to play the first Zelda game. Sarah slipped off her heels, showing off her red nail polish, so she could operate the controller with her toes. She had played a pirated version the game before on a computer, so it wasn't hard to get through over a third of the game in only an hour before being told to stop playing. Keith was amazed by this, alternating his focus between the gameplay on the TV screen and Sarah's feet playing the game.

Keith's father showed up. He was annoyed that his son brought his friends to the house without telling him. He was also confused by the existence of a lower-half girl and slightly unnerved by the revelation of his other son dating her, but he had just enough self-control to not rant about it in front of them, instead forcing himself to state that he respects Keith's standards. There was not much for him to complain about besides her having no face (or any other body part above her midriff) and no voice. Sarah was 19, Keith was 20, Sarah had maintained her legs well enough, and everyone knew it was hard for her to harm anyone with no hands and no voice of her own. They reluctantly accepted Keith and Sarah being together, even though, aside from the two of them, most people not named Olivia still believed that only foot fetishists and socially awkward losers would ever fall in love with a girl like Sarah.

Keith's dad made him play chess to keep from watching people play video games all day. Keith only wanted to play with Sarah, believing she was talented enough to play it just fine with her feet. She won the game in less than ten minutes, so he asked everyone else to play chess with her as well and smiled as she effortlessly defeated all of her opponents. Sarah then revealed through Olivia that she wanted to go to Walmart to watch people scratch their heads and make fun of them in the internet simply for going shopping without minding anyone else's business. They drove in in Melissa's vintage VW Microbus with Keith and Sarah in the back. Olivia handed Sarah a tablet to keep her entertained. Sarah used the tablet to show Keith some random funny pictures and videos she came across on the internet. As Keith laughed, he felt Sarah trying to laugh as well as she wiggled her right foot. The store was not that packed, but there were enough people to see them and post pictures and videos on the internet. Images appeared on websites like People Of Walmart with captions like "Girlfriends are half-off!" Videos designed to go viral consisted of little more than Sarah walking set to the song "Legs" by ZZ Top. The "viral" sensation didn't last very long because it was quickly buried in a pile of other "viral" sensations.

A week later, the gang decided they wanted to go shopping with Sarah some more. Olivia wanted to host a dinner party with a twist: every item must come strictly from the bottom shelves of the store. They had gotten used to Sarah having a boyfriend just enough to not be interested in seeing how many strangers they could get the attention of. This meant that instead of going to Walmart, they went to a regular supermarket to somewhat maintain focus on the challenge. Most of them were too busy messing around to bother to bend over so they could grab the items with their hands and put them in the cart. That meant that Sarah, wearing flip-flops and blue nail polish, grabbed things with her right foot while Keith stopped her from breaking them as he put them in the cart. Items included canned tuna, spaghetti sauce, cereal, potato chips, maple syrup, flour, orange juice, coffee, and window cleaner.

Three months later, some people were starting to get annoyed by Sarah continuing to be involved in the group because it meant that they were only allowed to do things that Sarah could do like dance without drinking in nightclubs and play soccer games in vacant lots. They were losing interest in roller skating and felt that Sarah could only do so much with a skateboard. Keith's brother desperately wanted to go hunting and ATV riding. He also wanted to try bodybuilding at the gym where Sarah was unable to even start the machines by herself despite being able to exercise with the treadmill, stair climber, and stationary bicycle. She could also only do so much at amusement parks. Keith's brother was all but demanding him to break up with her by complaining about her holding his friends back.

Keith and Sarah's relationship survived anyway. He still invited her to his house for her 20th birthday. The only other guest was Olivia, who brought cake and put a green ribbon on the birthday girl's left foot. Keith thought the ribbon looked super cute on Sarah. Olivia acknowledged that it was "just you, me, and Sarah now."
Keith tried not to mind too much:
"We don't really need them anyway. They think we're holding them back, yet they're the ones that are holding us back. Sarah, you're the love of my life whether anyone else likes it or not."

"Sarah appreciates your assurance that you're not leaving her. By the way, she overheard that our friends are planning to abandon us. They wish they could just dump me and her in the forest and hope we get fed to a bear. They thought she couldn't hear them and that I was making up things she says for the sake of looking like I still have a friend while I go insane."
"Where did you overhear this?"
"She says it was at Wendy's. I was in the bathroom and the gang was at the table. When I got out, Sarah was gone. They were laughing. I asked where they went, and they denied saying anything that made her run away. I found her a few blocks down the road, and she told me what she heard."
"It really is just us, then."

Keith was starting to fear for their lives, but Sarah tried to cheer him up by feeding him cake with her toes, smearing icing on his face. She went back to playing NES games to shut out the world around her. Olivia decided to sleep on the couch, afraid to leave after dark and knowing that Keith's brother was away for the night. Keith and Sarah slept together in his bed, with his arms wrapped tightly around her legs and her feet and toenails in his face. They didn't know what was going to happen to them, but they wanted to be together in case anything would happen at all.

Nobody but Sarah told Olivia anything about any plans to go to the woods, and Olivia did not tell anyone besides Keith what Sarah told her. All that any of the three could do was wait for the time to come for their so-called friends to turn on them. They were looking forward to it because it would prove that Olivia's powers to understand the voiceless were real. That time had come when Melissa had given Olivia a call, expressing interest in going hiking in the forest inviting Sarah to go with them. Sarah found out about it and sent Keith an email.

The day before the trip to the woods, Keith and Sarah walked down to the park. Sarah, wearing flip-flops and red nail polish, stopped to pet a puppy with her right foot. The old woman with the puppy laughed as if she knew Sarah was trying to be as friendly as she could be with what she had; the old woman also saw Keith look confused for two seconds, clearly not expecting his girlfriend to suddenly stop to play with the puppy, and that he didn't seem to have a a problem with that either. Sarah was starting to show some independence, not caring that there was no one that could speak on her behalf. She knew what she wanted to do and didn't think it was necessary for a simple trip to the park to be anything more than a one-on-one moment with her boyfriend. At the park, Sarah picked a dandelion with her toes and held it to Keith's face for him to blow the seeds off and make a wish before kissing her foot. She enjoyed feeling the grass beneath her feet and got up only when a beach ball landed near them. Spotting the owners, she kicked the ball in their direction. Keith got up on his knees to hug her legs and kiss her belly button before getting all the way up to walk. They walked with his hand on her hip, which was the closest thing to holding hands he could do with her.

As much as Sarah wanted to convince the world that she was not completely useless without an upper body, she knew she was not fully independent either. She needed Olivia to not just speak, but also change her clothes and drive her places. With no arms, she could not take money, keys, or a bus pass out of her pocket. Sarah lived in Olivia's apartment because she had nowhere else to go and nobody else to humanize her. It was a miracle that she was somehow capable of seeing and hearing in ways no one else could comprehend, and an even bigger miracle that she was even alive with no known brain or heart. This lower-half girl had to have come from another dimension. Sarah did not need to eat and presumably did not need to sleep, so Olivia was worried about what would happen to her possibly immortal friend if anything were to happen to Olivia herself. Sarah's consciousness could potentially become trapped inside a silent, nearly-immobile body if what she had were to be damaged.

Olivia dressed Sarah in army pants and boots to prepare her for anything that could happen in the forest. Keith joined them so he could see for himself what was about to happen. The three of them stayed together when their friends abruptly disappeared without them noticing for a minute or two. Sarah sensed a bear was nearby and ran to the side before it could get in their path. Olivia took Sarah's hint and told Keith to run in Sarah's direction. A bear walked by them without noticing them. Just seconds after the bear disappeared from their sight, the sounds of a shotgun blast were heard. Sarah fiercely stomped her right foot in the ground to warn them that they were next. Even Keith was able to decipher the stomping and told Olivia that they needed to run.

A group of masked poachers surrounded them and raised their guns. Olivia was so scared that she imagined that the gun of the poacher aiming directly at her would point itself away from her on its own. Exactly one nanosecond before the gun could be fired, it was suddenly turned away faster than the shooter could stop himself from firing. The bullet flew directly over Sarah, landing safely in the ground.

It became apparent that Olivia really did have powers while the poacher that tried to kill her dropped his gun in confusion. Sarah, thinking that she was the one he was trying to kill, walked up to him to kick him in the balls before kicking the gun away. Olivia picked up a message from her and gave it to Keith:
"Sarah wants us to run. She thinks she can handle this by herself."

As they ran, the poachers continued to fire their guns at her, but she was too fast for all of them because they were clumsy and unsure if they really could kill her or what to do with her if they could at least cripple her. The poachers were inexperienced shooters who could not coordinate very well against a fast target that fought back. They kept shooting until they ran out of bullets, miraculously managing to avoid shooting each other while aiming for her. Thanks to some of her outings with Olivia's so-called friends, she was confident enough to use her athletic skills to fight off the people trying to kill her. She was able to run, jump, drop-kick some of them, and knock the unloaded guns out of their hands before running away. One of the poachers unmasked himself, revealing himself to be Ken. He shouted:

Meanwhile, Keith and Olivia had found a bruised and bleeding man lying on the ground with his eyes open. He couldn't move, but he was visibly breathing. After about half a minute of them staring at him to see what was wrong with him, Keith asked Olivia:
"Does he have anything to say?"
"He says he was beaten almost to death by a masked gang. He says they're out to get some friends, and that their leader is right here."
Keith and Olivia were both shocked, with Keith seeing Olivia's shock as her just finding out about it instead of making it up. They looked towards the left of the man to find Melissa pointing a gun at them. Olivia was horrified by this and said:
"What the hell, Melissa, what the hell."
"We were completely fed up with your lies. We thought you were only pretending to have powers so you could pretend to not be going insane. We had to do something about it before you could go about making some more friends. By the way, your new friend is a pretty nice guy. He let us hunt you down by being beaten savagely by my boyfriend. Unlike you, Ken is not a freak who needs imaginary friends to make yourself feel special. You're schizophrenic, Olivia, and I can't trust the voices in your head to not make you kill."
"My powers are real, and I am not a psychopath. You've been with me for so many years, yet you're so paranoid of me going crazy that you're willing to betray me? You're crazy."
"Crazy enough to try to stop people from making me even crazier."

Sarah made it back to Keith and Olivia, only for Melissa to turn the gun toward her and say:
"If I were to shoot your friend in the foot, would she die or would she be too crippled to justify staying alive? Whatever happens, she won't be much of a burden for much longer."
Olivia refused to just let it happen:
"You're sick. By the way, I just found out I can do this, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to make sure I'm not losing my mind."

With her mind, Olivia moved the tip of the gun strongly enough for Melissa's arm to move with it. Melissa fired the gun into the air while Olivia was trying to get it out of her hand. Olivia succeeded and moved the gun far enough for Melissa to not just pick it up again like nothing happened. Just then, a voice was heard:
"Sarah, Sarah. We're coming to get you, Sarah."

Olivia knew it was Ken and started running. Sarah and Keith quickly followed suit. Melissa needed some time to pick up her gun before the rest of the gang could chase her. The main three made it out of the woods and into Olivia's car to escape them. Olivia had proven her powers to be real while Sarah was proven right that their friends were plotting to betray them.

Olivia finally introduced Keith to her apartment, where Sarah was living as well. Keith gave Sarah a bath, speaking softly to her foot to assure her that things were going to be okay. After drying up Sarah's feet with a towel, Keith smiled and said that she was starting to feel better before kissing her foot. Olivia gave her some fresh pink underwear before deciding to take a shower herself. Sarah walked on the floor, enjoying the feel of the fluffy carpet before sitting on the couch. Keith stayed on the floor to play with her feet and kiss them. Several minutes later, Olivia announced:

"I trust you to take good care of Sarah while I'm away."

"Where are you going?"

"Now that I know for sure that my power is real and not the only one, I need some time alone, away from here, to find out what else I can do and find some good use for the one I've been using to let everyone get to know Sarah, and also see what else I can do. You can stay in my apartment while I'm gone. For a week, it will be just you and her."

Olivia gave Keith the keys to her apartment and had him lock the door for her. Keith was becoming afraid of finding confirmation of his brother being one of the masked poachers, or dangerously complicit about it at best, and he was also afraid of his father chewing him out and blaming him and/or Sarah for what happened, simply because both halves of the couple were the most convenient scapegoats. For the following week, Keith and Sarah hid in the apartment, spending minimal time outside of it. They kept themselves entertained in some ways, such as letting her draw and operate the TV remote. Sarah was virtually incapable of cooking, but she made Keith a salad simply because she could by using the utensils with her feet and having the bowl and salad items placed on clean sheets of paper on the floor. She also taught him how to paint her nails. They spent a happy week together.

When Olivia returned, Sarah approached her with candy-striped toenails. Olivia brought cake and champagne to celebrate her 21st birthday. After the cake, she said:
"I see you two have been doing alright. By the way, I can't stay here much longer. This is just a short break before I set out to walk the earth to discover the full extent of my power. I needed that week to figure out what to do, so now I've decided it's in my best interest to go."
"But what about Sarah?"
Sarah wiggled her feet to get him to stop worrying about her, giving Olivia one last translation:
"Sarah says she can live just fine without me. She doesn't need me anymore, now that she's known you well enough. You don't need me anymore. She doesn't need anyone to speak for her anymore. She can text and type if she does have something to say, but for the most part, she doesn't really have anything to tell you, except for one thing: she loves you."

Keith was dismissed, and Olivia used her telekinesis to pack up everything in her apartment. Keith reluctantly returned to his father's house, expecting to be blamed for anything and everything that happened in his absence, including possibly his brother's arrest. A few mornings later, Keith was woken up by the sound of the doorbell. Sarah outside his door, barefoot and in a miniskirt. She raised her right leg at the right distance to feel the doorbell with her big toe, indicating that she was the one who rang it. There were suitcases with her clothes and other things, indicating that Olivia secretly left her there for him late at night.

Later on, Keith poured some fruit punch in a pair of wine glasses. Sarah dipped her toes in her glass then put them in his mouth. Raising her glass with her left foot, she clearly wanted a toast to their relationship continuing. Sarah later sat at the couch and Keith spoke softly to her foot for the first time since she moved in with him: "You know, Sarah, you truly are an amazing girl. I had never known I could live such an interesting life before I met you. Even if there is some other dimension out there where everyone is just their legs, you are still irreplaceable. It's just you and me from here. We don't need to have it any other way. I guess there's not much else to say other than, I love you."

Keith kissed her foot, feeling like he also kissed her nonexistent face at the same time. He felt like he was staring into her beautiful nonexistent eyes and being warmed by her nonexistent smile. He felt that Sarah was the sweetest angel he could ever meet, and that she was more than capable showing their love to be greater than anything in its way.
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