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Susan Hamlett tells about herself
My name is Susan Grace Hamlett. My friends and family call me Susan. I was born in 1965. My mother's name is Laura Georgia Elliston. Elliston is her married name. She was born in 1945. I don't know my father's name. For the time being, he's just Mr. Elliston.
I don't know my husband's name either. For the time being, he's just Mr. Hamlett. I have no idea how old he is. Even my secretary doesn't know that. So far I have no children.
I am a hotel clerk. I am the person the hotel guests see first when they walk through the door or last if they are leaving the hotel. I am the one who gives them keys and takes care of their hotel bill. It means I tell them how much they must pay when they leave the hotel.
I have a secretary who calls herself Lucinda Lynx or Lynxwoman. Which name she uses depends on who is around. She says she has known me for years, but that she had to let me "ripen" before she could really take me as one of her characters. It seems the maturation, whatever that means, succeeded.
My secretary says she knew all along I'd be a hotel clerk, but that my first name was all wrong. At the time it was "Dora". Lucinda knew it wasn't my name. So she gave me time to become what I am now. Now I know both my maiden and the married name, my mother's maiden, and married name, same as the city I live in. That city is Ankarborg. That is where I work, and that is where I live, although the precise address is unknown. My secretary says she doesn't know where it is, and neither do I.
I have two friends in Kajafors, a little town I visit from time to time, but I don't belong there, not the way Connie and Curtis do. Their life is there. I couldn't imagine them here in the bustle of Ankarborg. No, the calm town of Kajafors suits them so much better. Connie and Curtis are our family friends. I hope they get their problems solved. The situation doesn't look very rosy.
Oh, it may be better not to say any more about this. My secretary shook her head to me. I'd better keep my tongue in check.
My only hobbies at the moment are reading and writing. The hotel clerk must read and write guest lists, reservations, cancellations, hotel bills, and many other things that relate to working at a hotel. Because the hotels never sleep the way many other places do, we may have to make night shifts too. Those are not nice, but we do as the boss orders.
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