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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2241613
When this title came to me, I decided to go for it.
2021, the year we're going to have some fun.
It's now time for us to mingle,
Then we'll cut our new single.
The jingle we sang,
Made us all tingle.
There's no need for us to fear,
There's no need to cry a tear.
When we reign in the New Year,
Is the perfect time to call you dear.

It's the right time to make a noise,
When we find our greatest poise.
As we linger all through town,
To put that ring on her finger,
Is the best news that will come around.

When it's time to do the dance,
It's time to put on your dancing shoes,
After all, what do you have to lose?
Now it's time to make a choice,
Get out the song and use your voice.

It's time for the band to play out loud,
Come on in and join the crowd.
It's time for us to get along,
And begin to sing our favorite song.

Everybody join right in,
There's no better time to begin again,
Make a fresh start,
Knowing full well that we won't part.

If by chance, you are single,
Change your tune, re-arrange yourself,
Find a way and make it real soon,
This is a boon for her affection,
Take her back to a nice reflection;
It would be good for her detection.

In a New Year of Mingle Jingles,
There's a new twist for a single hit,
For all we know, it is legit,
So, don't go out and throw a fit.

Now that you have taken the plunge,
There's no regret, so give her a nudge,
There's no use to hold a grudge,
Assure her that you're on the mend,
That you'll have a good life
Until the very end.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, January 10, 2021

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