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Max may fall
Chapter 2: The Bite.

I came into Consciousness with searing pain in my left arm, and about two people standing at my side, taking.
"The only way to save him from this horrible fate is to bite him, Mya."
"Elder Andrake, what is he, and why is that the only way to save him?"
"He is a human, and his body will reject any of our medical herbs. They were once in this world as well as their own, but a dark force began to corrupt them and they cut off all communication from us, and all the ones that were left behind well you've seen what happened. Now for some reason some have been coming through and unfortunately joining the ranks of the monsters that we fight." The elder said.
As the conversation continued I noticed that they were different. One of them, Mya maybe, had fox ears with red fur on them, and matching red hair, Jewel green eyes, and sharp needle-like teeth and claws. The other looked like some kind of owl.
"But why do i need to bite him?" Mya asked.
"Because it will transform him and help heal him, if we don't, our treatments will kill him." Andrake said.
I tried to speak but I just muttered incoherently.
"Fine, fine." Mya relented.
Then she bit me.

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