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by BMF
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2241629
This is poem about soulmates
Balloon Ryde

Spark to flame ~ Cocoon of air
Skin of silk ~ Begins to rise

Condensation forms, on surface stretched tight
Caressing curves, droplets begin the slide

This is rare ~ Never the same
To the highs ~ Her love is milk

Nourishment for my soul, she is my plight
Enlightenment of thoughts, she is my pride

In a basket weaved of our elation
I release the anchor holding us down
Satin and lace falling towards the ground
I pull the cord, towards sky we ascend
A life reward, a world where few descend
Uncertain path, wind set deviation
The wind’s current sending us over trees
Goosebumps over flesh from my gentle breeze
The sun slowly lowering in the west
My shadow coating over mountain’s crest
In this moment grateful for creation

A surrealist sight so serene
Thankful to witness beauty this pristine
A scenery so seldom seen

In thinned air continued aviation
Over the mountains together we glide
We advance on this ever wondrous ride
Dipping in the ocean a crimson sun
Across surface my fingers slowly run
A journey fulfilling aspiration
Ruby red waters glisten in the heat
Touching her lips so supple and so sweet
Nature’s painting surrounds us in the skies
With beauty matching the view of her eyes
Imprisoned consumed in captivation

Stars now shimmer where the sun had once been
Proving her beauty will last without end

Soul of art ~ This time is ours
Salvation ~ Fly as a dove

Above the pull of gravity we spin
Now supernova, in time we suspend

In the stars ~ Keeping my heart
My be love ~ Our creation
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