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Here is why we need hope for America now more than ever...
A new week has just gotten started, and although it is, our minds are still on what has just happened at the US Capitol in the past week; how in the world could our own President do such a thing like this, and how could he allow those who have voted for and followed him to perform such an act, especially on American soil? What in the world was he thinking?
I think I know why he did this: Our soon-to-be-former President has committed such an act because I think that he learned how to do such things like this through his strange relationship with dictators, and through those strange friendships, he may have practiced to become a dictator himself, in which none of us in America ever wants or ever needs right now, or ever. America does not ever need a dictator. Here in America, we have a leader called a President, and that is better enough.
However, our President has for the past four years has not ever acted like a real, true US President at all: All he ever acted like was a tinpot dictator, declaring that he alone can save the country and help us, blaming the media, calling it "Fake News", hates Democrats, hates people because of the race, sex, religion, etc. and all of the other things that any dictator would do. And because of such behavior like his, we are in this challenging time in our nation's history right now. When it will all end is in God's hands.

I believe with all of my heart that America is "The land of the free and the home of the brave", and I still do; I believe that the flag, Old Glory herself, still waves strong and proud, despite having been taken all kinds of bruises. I believe that this great country of ours still has its freedoms that we still have the privilege to have: The freedom to say what we want to say, the freedom to have our own religion, and the freedom to suggest to our government what we should and should not have.
But unfortunately, if something is not done to extinguish the flames that have been started by this dictator-like madman, then our country would not ever be the free country that it was and is when it was born over 240 years ago. In order for all of us to have our nation remain as free as it can be, then we have to remove it of its deadly evils: Racism, Fascism, Selfishness, Greed, Abuse, and all kinds of evil that have plagued America for so very long.
I understand and know that what has happened this week has left our minds and souls feeling numb, and wanted to do something; in fact, we can do something for the good of this country right now: We can pray for those who have been affected by those riots, and we can also pray for the Capitol itself because she has been badly wounded by all of the smashed glasses and destroyed property that no Band-Aid can ever fix. And finally, and this is very important: We have to pray, and pray very hard, for a smooth and peaceful transition, and that our new President would have enough knowledge to find a way to undo this terrible damage that our 45th President had on our country.

I believe in the hope of America, and I hope that our soon-to-be-new President would restore our country and bring it back into the way it was before. I also hope that the soon-to-be-former President who has caused all of this would be brought to justice, and we hope that he would never have a second chance in office again after what he has done.
Yes, I believe in America, and I hope that America would return to its former, more beautiful glory in the near future. May God bless America, now and always.
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