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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“I need a favor,” said Mom as she walked into the living room late Sunday morning.

“Ah, gee,” Phillip said, popping up from his video game and looking at his watch, “I was supposed to meet Jeff at eleven! How did it get so late! Gotta go!” and off he ran.

Sandy suddenly stood up too, “Really it’s almost eleven? Gosh, I need to get back to studying for my science test. I was just taking a little break and I got caught up in this book. Sorry!” and off she went.

Mom looked at four-year-old Andy. “I suppose you have something more important to do too? Are you late for an appointment or studying for an important test?”

Andy giggled, “No.”

“Do you need to go to work, or fly to the moon this afternoon?”

This time he laughed, “No!”

“Well, since you’re free, I have something you could help me with. Will you?”


As they walked into the kitchen together, suddenly everyone yelled, “Surprise!”

First, because Sandy, and Phillip were both there, plus Dad, and all his classmates from preschool! And secondly, because Andy’s birthday wasn’t really until Tuesday, it turned out to be a very surprising, very Happy Birthday party, indeed!
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