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A Writer's Cramp story
Eleni had been waiting months for her trip to Greece. It was where her parents were from, and she was excited to see the things that her they had grown up with. They hadn't exactly been ecstatic when she told them about the trip, claiming that she would just be disappointed by what she found there. She had waved them off, telling them that there was no merit to their concerns. When the day finally came, she made sure to be early to the airport in order to be able to board her flight on time. She had enough things packed for a week, though she was only planning on staying for five days.She just wanted to be prepared. Who knew what would happen?

When her flight arrived in Greece, she practically ran out of the airport. She was finally going to see Athens, Greece. When she stepped outside, her mouth fell open. What was this? It was nothing like her parents had described.She pulled out her phone, angrily pressing on her mom's contact. When her mom picked up, all Eleni said was, "Explain." Her mom sighed, knowing exactly what she meant. "I'm sorry, love. We just wanted to seem more interesting to you! We never thought you would actually go there..." Eleni sighed. "That's no excuse. My whole life you guys taught me that Greece was some magical place, somewhere that you could see dryads and regular humans walking around together in peace. Now that I'm here... well, I guess I feel like everything I knew, especially relating to you guys, was a lie." "I'm sorry."
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