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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2241672
A thief is caught.
"How was your trip?" Commander Alexander asks.

The shuttle from the Earth to Mars flight had just delivered Detective Dave Jones to Mars Station 4.

"Productive," Jones replies.

"I heard you were successful at Station 3," the Commander says. "I'm glad to have your assistance on the case, but I'm sorry to hear about what caused you to come out of retirement, losing your beautiful wife Susan."

"Appreciated," Jones says. "During the flight, I reviewed the Stations personnel logs. Carolyn Peters took the golden isotope. And I suspect where she's run to. I need a favor."

"A travel pod, and the ability to exit with it to Station 3 without anyone knowing what I'm up to," Jones says.

Rolling over the Martian landscape brings back memories of Station 3. His years as a NYC detective enabled him to figure out what was happening there. Plus, he'd met the lovely Susan. Back on Earth, they'd married, and were living well because of her success at Station 3.

It was too bad that she got tired of sharing.

"Carolyn? Yes, she was here, but just left in a suit to cross to Station 2."

Suited up, Jones races to Station 2 in the weak Martian gravity. Carolyn is still in the air lock when he arrives, just out of her suit. She's as much a looker as Susan was.

"Detective Jones," he introduces himself, pinning her against the air lock door.

"I know," Carolyn says. "And I knew Susan. Finally got my hands on the same golden isotope that she took away with her."

"Your end won't be the same as hers," Jones says.

"Good," Carolyn smiles. "We can share."

"Didn't work out with Susan," Jones says, as he pops his helmet back on, opening the airlock door to the Martian atmosphere.
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