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Something I've never tried before.
Newest Version
I feel the bugs slithering over my body. They’re under my skin, reaching deeper and further. Invading my mouth, esophagus, and lungs, powerless to scream. My body is full of maggots and flies. Am I dead? Not yet, but they’re devouring me alive. I rush to the door, crunching them on the floor. I feel one in my eye; rubbing doesn’t work. I’d pull it from my eye socket, but I’m too far gone. I collapse on the floor, where they can do the job. My heart still beats until they have the last piece.

Older Version
I feel small bugs crawling around on my body.
I don’t know how they got in; I’m so meticulous.
They’re under my skin, and I scratch at them, but they go deeper in.
I can’t scream or speak since they ate my vocal cords.
I’m so lost, alone, but I’m not.
I have a full body of maggots and flies.
Am I dead? If not, I’ll soon be since they are eating me alive.
I make my way to the door, and crunching sounds come from my feet.
I shake my body and scratch them off. I pull one out of my eye socket, but I’m too far gone.
I collapse onto my knees, where they want me.
My heart still beats until the last piece.
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