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Kona, female, English Bull Dog. I call her, Baby Kona. A short story, of the beginning.
Baby Kona, upon birth, she came into this world, bright eyed, filled with energy, her colors are white/brown, with a 2 toned face of each. A promise, as a AKC English Bull Dog. She was was born, Feb 21,2018.

Baby Kona, was born, for profit, yes, she is from a breeder. Kona, was sold to a retail puppy store. They are, famous for selling, AKC puppies, to the rich, the sometimes famous, in Ft. Lauderdale Fla.

I was making some great money, at marketing job, and worked so much as a result, I was lonely. I have always, since I can recall, yearned for a English Bull Dog, with all the wrinkles, pushed in face, with a look of a stuffed toy. A fire hydrate, in size.

These puppies sell for as high as $10,000. so I could never afford one, until recent. I was on a spending spree. I started researching, for Baby Kona, for about a week, online. Her baby picture was right out of a puppy magazine, she was, the most beautiful, puppy I had ever seen. Her picture, had her sitting in a basket, with a white blanket, and her in a pink bow.

That one picture I could see, of Baby Kona, immediately, instantly captured my heart. I was also taken back by what seemed like a bargain! Only $4,400. Wow, even better they had a purchase plan, with only $99 down, and payments, with 0 interest. How could I resist?

I spoke to the sales girl by phone, and requested more pictures. She had the store photographer take more, and send them. Wow, these puppies even had their own photographer, I was impressed. The sales, girl, read me well. She knew everything to say, and truthfully their, wasn't much convincing.

Baby Kona, captured my heart, in such a way, I felt driven, energized, and on a mission, to make her mine.

So I did.
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