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by Norman
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The cat agrees with everything
He always gets up right at dawn,
no matter what the day.
Drinks several cups of coffee first
in spite of what they say.

He reads the daily papers then.
(The last guy that I know.)
Completes the crossword every day,
with black ink just for show.

He’s all alone in that big house,
just he and that old cat.
The one he talks to constantly,
sees nothing wrong with that.

The cat’s the perfect mate for him.
He never answers back.
He has some white spots here and there
but otherwise he’s black.

He’s known as a tuxedo cat.
Sounds fancy but it’s not.
He doesn’t even know his name
or maybe he forgot.

The only time he’ll come to you
is when you give him food.
Most of the time he stays away,
depending on his mood.

The man and cat get on so well;
they are the closest friends.
The cat agrees with everything
(or maybe just pretends).

Some people don’t like any cats.
They think they’re too aloof.
If you had met this certain cat
you’d say that there’s the proof.

But that cat is the dearest friend
this man has ever had.
And since they need each other so,
you know that can’t be bad.

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