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by Norman
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He knows me inside out
He greeted me with pleasure,
a wagging of his tail.
This dog could lift my spirits.
He did it without fail.

I‘m always looking for him
when he would take his walk.
I’d hustle out to meet him
and have a little talk.

I’d also greet his owner;
I’d nod and give a smile.
I’d even have a chat with him
just for a little while.

The big dog’s name is Casey,
a Yellow Lab so fine.
I might recall his owner’s name
if I thought to take the time.

But I was there for Casey.
I had to say hello.
He was the highlight of my day;
it’s sad but it is so.

This dog can see right through me.
He knows me inside out.
He knows all of my secret thoughts,
of that I have no doubt.

He knows when I am worried
or when I am upset.
He knows that I’ll be all right
if I give him a pet.

He lets me know I’m worthy,
that life is not so bad.
When he comes here to greet me,
how could I remain sad?

They say that DOG spelled backwards
would be a different name.
To me there is no difference.
They are one and the same.

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