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Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2241742
The people rose against this tyrant who caused bloodshed and division in his own nation.
One day an evil man came to them in sheep’s clothing,
To lead them into his evil ways he was hoping.
So treacherous and evil was this ravenous wolf,
Feeding off of their ignorance while he played golf.
So fine he was in the art of deception,
So ignorant were they with their perception.
This wolf led them towards hate, anger, racism, and division,
They broadcasted his evil ways with women, immigrants, poc, Muslims, and lgbtq+ on television,
Oh and let’s not forget about the polar bears,
The many ways in which he tried to destroy homes that were theirs.
And the plethora of parents who were split from their children,
Locked up in cages where he tried to keep them hidden.
And we will always remember the names of the black lives lost,
The way he cared more about the protests and every building’s cost,
Than how the cops shattered their whole lives,
Just several more names for their archives.
It was for the way their skin was,
That they needed no other cause.
To ruthlessly finish them off
While the cops idly sat by on their pipes for a good cough.
A darker tone of skin color they had,
Skin so beautiful that the wolf’s supporters simply saw as bad.
They prayed like cowardly fools,
Acting like peace and love were their precious tools.
They say ignorance is bliss
No wonder how in the racist past they liked to reminisce.
The wolf and his blind sheep fueled off of pure evil,
Engaging in horrific activities that were and were not legal.
They claimed the money was moving,
Yet the country as a whole was not improving.
One day when a real and wise leader came about,
This evil wolf betrayed his nation like a lout.
They invaded and destroyed inside the Capitol building,
All eyes on them as their own nation they were betraying.
The good ones knew much better as they’d opened their eyes,
Instead of spouting hate and evil and using religion as a disguise.
The good ones knew this evil wolf’s time had expired
So wrongly this country he had wired.
Very happily the good ones voted him out,
The other real and wise leader had been victorious without a doubt.
This wolf who came to fragile, evil people in sheep’s clothing’
His actions will never never be condoned,
But oh wolf, your own place in Hell you have enthroned.

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