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Nemea runs an errand for a goddess (776 words)
In the light of day, I might be a genius, but I’m a fool in the rain. Any water, really – I AM a naiad, after all - but the rain really gets to me, full of life as its droplets course through my being, singing songs of the places it has been, the sights… But let me stop, or I’ll ramble on all day. I often chatter just as much as my stream, my sisters used to say. I miss them a lot, nearly as much as I miss my stream, but I’m content with the bustle of the small town where I live for now, and my mission will be over soon at any rate, and I can go home. Until then, at least I have the rain.

My thighs are cold, the chill from the stone wall I’m perched on sinking through my leggings and into goose pimpled flesh. Ignoring the mild discomfort, I keep waiting for my quarry, and listen to the thunder rumbling in the distance. A storm like this one will be, deep in the night, always makes me think of my parents. Selene, goddess of the moon, and the Father of us all, Zeus. I suppose I’m lucky to have such exalted parentage, but like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Which means mom and dad never come over on the holidays, and I get stuck doing “little errands” for the Olympians whenever the fancy strikes. Speaking of, here he comes, and won’t Aphrodite be annoyed if I mess this up!

“I want you to watch him,” she had told me, brow furrowed anxiously. A manicured hand lifted unconsciously, smoothing away any evidence of a possible wrinkle. “It’s very important to me. And to you,” she added meaningfully. I had nodded obediently, not really minding the prospect of spending some time in a new village, meeting new people, and taking some time to try my hand at keeping a house. It could be fun!

So here I am, shivering in the autumn evening with a storm on the horizon. He’s walking away from me, headed towards his small farm on the outskirts of town. I stalk after him, staying in the shadows as much as possible. I have to say, whoever this guy is, Aphrodite can certainly pick them. He’s tall, with light hair and piercing green eyes that – wait. Eyes. He’s looking right at me, oh Zeus!

I spin around, intending to disappear into the fountain I’d walked past moments before. Before I can reach it, the man grabs my arm and pulls me to his side. He lifts my chin with his free hand, examining my face closely.

“What are you DOING?” I sputter. “Let me GO!” I punctuate this with a yank of my arm, but I might as well try to escape a Titan as this iron grip. Since I’m not going anywhere, I take a moment to get a better look at him. He towers over me, lithe power in his build. His lips are full, kissable – objectively speaking, of course! I’m certainly not thinking about what it might be like to touch those lips with my own. Nope, not this naiad. Those crystalline eyes watch me study him, and those lips, already so attractive, quirk into a smile, bringing out a dimple in his cheek. Oh, Zeus, this guy is something. I really hope Aphrodite doesn’t have anything bad planned for him. He speaks, cutting off my imaginings of his gory death for some imagined slight to the gods.

“Well, it’s about time you got here. I went to the temple weeks ago.”

I blink, confused. “Wha- you were waiting for me?”

“Oh, yes. I saw you in the stream and knew that you were the one for me. I prayed to Aphrodite for you, and now she’s sent you!”

More than he knows, I muse. Staring up into those eyes, though, I can’t bring myself to be angry with her for the trick. She IS the goddess of love, after all. Raising up on tiptoe, I pause with my lips a breath away from his.

“If I’m to be yours, then, tell me…” I stop, suddenly nervous.

“Anything! What would you have of me?”

“Your name, sir. I don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”

He laughs at that, his already beautiful face becoming irresistible. Who am I to try? I close the distance, pressing my lips to… my soulmate’s? The sensation is like rainfall through my body, electric currents of pleasure. I gasp, and shiver in his arms. How can I resist my fate? After all, I’m a fool in the rain.
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