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Business partners Abe and Zeke have a visitor
Past All Belief

“I don’t believe a word of it!”

“It’s true.”

“You like to stretch the truth, I know.”

“Not this time, I’ll swear on a stack of bibles if you want me to,” Zeke said.

Abe looked at his business partner.

“Any way you can prove it?”

“Sure, I have a witness.”

“I hope it’s not old Marv the security guard. He drinks like a fish.”

“It’s not Marv.”

“Is it Mrs. Davidi?”

“No, she was gone by the time it happened.”

“Details, I need details!”

“Well, I was just finishing up that revised schematic we needed, when I heard a weird noise outside. I know how paranoid you are about industrial espionage, so I checked out the window.”

“Why didn’t you call Security?” Abe interrupted.

“I hate to wake Marv when he’s sleeping it off.”

“Then what happened, Zeke?”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I wiped them and blinked them and it was still there.”

“It? What it?”

“The UFO. Parked nice as you please in our employee parking lot.”

“See, this is where I think you’re stretching it!”

“I tried to take a picture with the office camera. You know the one we have for taking site shots?”

“Yeah, yeah! Is that the proof you got?”

“No, actually it wouldn’t work when I tried to use it. The batteries seemed to die.”

Abe snorted in derision. Zeke gave him a hurt look.

“Turns out I didn’t need it, like I told you, I have a witness.”

“You keep talking about a witness, but you haven’t produced one!”

“Hold on!” Zeke pulled out his cell phone and pushed the pound button. A sharp noise pierced the air.
When it died down, Zeke said:

“Abe, this is Kibuzin from Pluto. He needs a big favor from us!”

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