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After the apocalypse the Gods come together to recreate the world.
One year after the apocalypse of 2012, planet Earth was scarred by the creatures from Hell after the demons had killed the entire population. This created a shift in the balance of the solar system which was noticed by the Gods of Mars.

"What must we do now?" Asked the storm God, Polycenthus.

"I suggest we let the demons rule that world now," said the God of Hell, Animas. Animas and Polycenthus didn't get along most of the time and if they did, all of Mars knew something was wrong. While they were fighting the archangel Marc made the decision for them. He decided to make the planet habitable again for more than demons and other creatures.

He drew a lake in the clouds above Earth and from there he took all the water he could build up and flooded the planet with it. Then he asked the archangel Julian to blow away all the water from the land. Julian sucked in as much air as he could, but he wasn't able to blow all the water away. This made rivers, lakes, and oceans. Marc wasn't mad at Julian for this though, because it was then that he remembered the humans needed water to sustain them and to grow their food.

After the water soaked into the ground, plants started to grow. Marc scooped up a bit of fresh mud with his enchanted bugle and handed it to Julian to blow through. This created the first animal - a bear. The bear buried under the dirt beneath a willow tree and from the roots of the tree came a man. A woman came from placing an apple seed into the root of the willow tree. The roots grew up and out of the dirt and soon the man was able to walk upright. Once the man saw the bear he used his hands to kill him for the fur as was intended by Marc. The fur warmed the man and woman, so they were then able to move freely and procreate.

And this was how Earth was to become reinhabited.
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