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Lots of thoughts
          So,,, guys I have a thought about a person whom I had seen long back, but recently we started interacting with each other and don't know why did that person all of a sudden start to interact. I was really shocked as well as surprised for the time being, but now I do feel like something's specie..... Don't know what , this all of a sudden interaction made me suspicious towards the person. The first day, when the person started texting I asked directly wether the person knows me or not, so the person was like no I don't and my reply was ok but I knew the person atleast by seeing on front of me long back when the person didn't know me who I was. So after the first day text, when it was the second day the interaction wasn't that good just a hai....latr for which I replied with same and then nothing,,,,but again the third day it was repeated and I was like thinking 'WHAT!?', but still tried to continue but there was no reply.
So now finally I just came into a conclusion while writing all this above that...... The person mayb have felt so bored chatting with me and that's how now the result is 😂
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