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Be aware that this story has giantess, vore, and a few light gore related content.
The Loner of the grove


         You are Hazel, a fairy living in a fairy village in the middle of a forest. Due to the distance from any other humanoïd city, this is quite a calm and peaceful place.
However, since few days a war between 2 clan, the Draconian and the Orcs, began with this forest as a battlefield. It was a hard decision to take but the great fairy decided that it must end. And the only way to end a war between those 2 vindictive tribes was to obliterate them all out. She orders you to go and ask Yushika Kijo, the most powerfull fairy of your village, and probably of the world as your kinds say. You make your way to the place she live.
Her home is far from the village since she is certainly a powerful but above all clumsy fairy. She tends to release without her knowledge, powerful magical waves that would have hurt multiple fairies with each iteration. She was therefore asked to live alone in the neighboring grove, at the top of a bush; Her magical waves would only extend horizontally. This explains why all the houses in your village are mostly on the ground or at least very low and why it is customary to rather fly close to the ground.

 The Encounter

Approaching the grove, you see a similar house made of leaves and flowers. You knock on the door which opens by itself. A certain distance behind this door, you see the back of a female fairy that immediatly turns towards you.
She has straight red hair falling to her shoulders with only one strand on each side that stand in front of her ears and a fringe - held by a green hairband with a flowerhead on the left - barely reaches her eyebrows. Those ears are pretty long and pointy at the top and both wears golden earring at their lobe. Her eyes are wide and light-green while her nose is thin and slightly turned up. As for her mouth, her lower lip appears to be slightly recessed, unless it is her upper lip that is slightly forward. Or maybe a bit of both.
She is rather thin, with elegant hands and her hips are a little wider than her shoulders. She wears a kind of green apron but which would be thinner on the lower part. It is held in place by a big bow tie at the back and has some orange symbols on the front. Underneath, she wears a magenta T-shirt that barely covers her shoulders and the sleeves stop just past her elbows. Each of its orifices - including a small diamond just above her chest - is surrounded by green strips. Finally, she wears rather large fuchsia pants with magenta symbols on the outer sides. The latter is padded in almost pointed boots.

This fairy whom you consider is charming, and suppose to be the famous Yushika Kijo, smiles at you when she sees you.
"Oh, hi ! Please, come inside..." She proposes while taking a seat on a quite high pile of cushions, placing one of her ankles on her other thigh. She levitates one of the two cups of tea on the table and tilts it, still without the assistance of her hands, while prompting her head slightly forward to take a few sips. This 'living room' part is raised above the rest of the room by a kind of flooring which comes out in a rectangle in its middle.

 The Conversation

You can't really know why but she seems to be quite excited since she sees you. "Take a sit!" she offers, noticing your catalepsy. Not really knowing what to do in the current situation, you just do as she tells you. And, approaching the chair in front of her, you relax very slightly and ask her: "So ... you did know that I would come?"
"Well, not exactly but I knew that somebody would !" she answers, her chin resting on the palm of her hand, and staring at you without ever moving her eyes away.
"Do you have a proximity sensitive realm or something?"
"Well, not exactly but you are in my private property that I tend to take care of and I can sense when someone is in there. But, to be honest, I was aware of your coming before you left. In fact, I have a sort of spy system that stretches all over the forest and goes off as soon as I am mentioned; A summary report of the conversation is then sent to me. So I knew someone would come, and why but not who. To tell the truth, I hardly know anyone from the village anyway.". At these last words, you perceive a slight relaxation of the facial expression of her contentment and her gaze has, for an instant, deviated for the first time since the beginning of the conversation.

You then understand it must surely hurt living this forced isolation. It would also explain her excitement when one of her fellows, you, came to her sight. Empathized, you try to console her: "You feel alone here, don't you?"
"What's your name?" she asks.
"Hazel !" you simply answer.
She takes a more serious tone: "You know, Hazel, I may be in exile, and see very few other fairies, but I can read the emotion on people's faces. I am touched that you do not fear me, but know that it is only a matter of time. Anyway, don't count on me to have any relationship with you; It would be too painful, either for you or for me. Forget that!"

On that words, it is your turn to lay a fixed gaze on her, letting a tear drop in the corner of your eye. She immediately reacts in a soothing tone, reaching out a hand to you, "I didn't mean to be so rude! Sorry."
She immediately recalls her hand close to her body as realizing that she had just made a mistake in showing a gesture of affection. Then she looks away to the side: "You know, the great fairy only gave you a partial truth; I didn't just hurt multiple fairies by accident ...", she finishes by gradually tensing her face, "Many also died."

You finaly sit, dumbfounded. You didn't think she was at this point... and yet...:
"You've never been mean. Maybe 'I' was. Making you talk about this."
You dare to look her directly in the eyes: "I don't even know why I'm still talking. C'mon, let's..." You didn't finish. You saw her face. She stares tenderly at you, touched. "... let's forget that..." she ends your sentence.


She doesn't move. You see her taking a deep breath, before suddenly saying: "Well! I have things to do. Hurry and drink your tea. I'll prepare my intervention in this slugfest.". You really don't know what to expect.

As you drink your tea little by little, you watch Kijo go back and forth, levitating objects that you see very little value in a war; First, she places an empty glass jar on the table into which she then pours a thin layer of powder and then closes it with a cork stopper. Then she returns to plant a straw there which barely reaches the bottom. She comes back one last time to drop off a huge clock that must be a bit less than twice your size.

"How will you end a war with those items?" you ask, confused.
"They are just accessories. See! This jar will be used to save any fairies that might be taken in the process. I don't wanna tuck them in with the others."
While it certainly has a certain elegance, this jar sounds a bit impractical.
"I'm not sure to understand. And this not explain why there is a straw. And the clock..."
"Stop asking questions. We lost enough time previously. Now get in already!"
"Get in? You mean the jar?"
"No, idiot! I'm talking about the clock. Come on, get in!" she prompts you with a swinging motion of the hand.
As you make your way in, she explains: "As all the other fairies, I don't wanna get you in the circle. I want you to stay still in there.". You sit inside, feeling a little ridiculous in here.


After you're well locked inside. She returns to her side of the table and kneels down.
She lifts the palm of her hand to the sky then closes her eyes. After a few moments where nothing seems to happen, a ring of magic suddenly appears above her hand. It remains there to turn on itself for about 5 seconds then extends suddenly at a breathtaking speed on a horizontal plane even getting out of the house, leaving a magic circle levitating at its initial perimeter. Hallucinated by the amount of magic that fluctuates and the little effort Kijo seems to put in to wield it, you rise on your knees, pressing your forehead to the glass to observe this scene as closely as possible. Suddenly, a blinding light shot from her palm forcing you to close your eyes under the burning feeling.
When you finally manage to open your eyes again, for some reason, Kijo seems like a goddess standing in front of you, either through her majesty or her imposing standing.
You can barely make out the magic circle still hovering in mid-air. But this time, squinting your eyes, you perceive multiple things that seems moving into it. At this moment, Kijo finaly open smoothly her eyes, lowering her hand as smoothly, being careful to keep the palm up. She then look at the magic circle like she was looking at sommething in particular, helping herself with the index finger of her other hand. After some investigations, she finaly seems to take one of the wiggling beings and plunges it in the straw's aperture in wich she gives a blow, making it fly out of the other extremity. She then get back to her seek. She plucks another one, that she also put into the straw. She brings her lips to it but this time she immediately moves away from it with a sudden gesture. She slightly stick her tongue out and take something off of it with her fingers. "It is not for you to go there." she says with her mother tone, while she puts the thing she get out of her mouth in the straw and blow it in the jar in turn. She then continues this for some few other iterations.
During those you think again about what Kijo said and you think you undertand what is happening: Those beings she got in the palm of her hand might be the war makers that she would have somehow shrink down and bring there. And the ones she puts in the jar would be the unfortunate fairies taken in the spell. But they are so tiny that she might use some perception spell at this moment. And to manage to pick up so tiny things so precisely she must stay very focus. And she does all that while keeping all the others still. And beside that she seems so peaceful. She is so impressive.

 An Unexpected Guest

After a few moments of her searching she moves her left forefinger away from the circle and on her lip. "Seems good to me." she construes. "Hope I found y'all." she falsely giggles. Following a deep breath, she elevates the circle so she 'maintain' it with only three of her fingers. She rises it up to her face that she slightly tilt backward. She takes another big breath and open her mouth wide while she sticks her tongue flat and horizontaly. At this moment, you fear to understand another part of her ritual. And you don't seem to be mistaken. She glides the circle onto her tongue, tilts her head back to straight while slowly getting her tongue back in and bringing her lips together.

She says with her mouth full: "If you're still in there, know that I really did my best to save you. I'm really so...", but she is cut off by the roof and the top of the walls getting torn apart. The roof is sent to waltz, and before anyone can account, a giant hand appears and grips Kijo.
You would like more than anything to get out of the clock but its door only opens from the outside. You are therefore condemned to observe the scene without being able to do anything. Although you are not really cut out to be of any help to her in this situation anyway.
So you do so. You observes and the first thing you obviously see is the giant hand's owner: A female draconian that you immediately recognize as such by her scaly dark-green skin and the narrowed pupils of her wide open gold eyes accompanying a terrifying smile of her full lips on her face. She would look like a central african woman. The only other thing that you could note from there was the black-gold polish on her rather long, thin nails.

Kijo holds her gaze for a moment, but her courage falters and she closes her eyes. The draconian flicks away the jar that overturned and you hear it break on the floor. "Don't swallow!" she orders in a surprisingly feminine voice before violently laying Kijo on her back on the table, pinning her with a finger on each shoulder and her thumb on her legs. You no longer have any doubts about the difference in strength between them after this demonstration. Although you only have the visual of her feet, but you are sure that Kijo can no longer move a muscle.

 A Failed Rescue

"Stick your tongue and all of them out!" she commands in an imposing voice. Kijo refuses in an apprehensive voice but the draconian immediatly retorts raising her tone, spluttering a bit and bringing her face closer: "Spit this tongue!". Kijo hesitates but understand that she has no choice but to obey. So she do so, emitting a light from the magic circle that you can see in the falling night.
The lizard sports a smirk on her face, which gets closer and closer to the light. She then sharply sticks her tongue out, resting the slightly forked tip of her fleshy tongue on the top of Kijo's skull. She then slowly grates Kijo's body from head to toe with this tongue, taking care to engulf the entire width of her over the entire length. When she's done, she gives a gaze on her own and still out tongue, lifting a corner of her lips. She seems most satisfied. When she accomplished licking her own boots, she swallows her tongue, then its passengers with a distinct gulp.

The draconian picks the stunned fairy up by the collar, and brings her up to her eyes: "Thanks for the meal!" she gibes boisterously.
When Kijo finaly come back to her sense, she dauntly and frighteningly asks "Weren't you supposed to save them or something?".
"I did save them from you." she mischievously retorts.
"I mean keep your fellows alive." Kijo confusingly defines.
"Who cares? I took my superiors away. Now I am at the top of the hierarchy. This is what matters. And thanks to you." The lizard says with a smug as she gaze at her belly that she strokes.
"Don't you care about your friends that you devoured?" Kijo inquires.
The reptilian woman pauses and looks at her in consternation: "Why, would I? If they were too stupid to get caught in your spell, they don't deserve me! And even less in my new 'Lashana Melusine's empire'."
Kijo closes her mouth, averting her eyes. The self-proclaimed Lasahna expounds: "I would have make you mine. But... I don't want such a boring plaything.". She brings her forefinger under her pulpy lips wich pouts, raising her eyes, playing the thinker.
She quite immediately lowers her eyes at Kijo, giving her a knowing smile as she playfully asks: "How does it feel to be the prey?". Without even letting her the time to answer, the draconian woman slots the helpless fairy into her mouth, sucking in the rebellious parts that refused to follow the first inward movement. "Just a little bit more... Mmh... Tasty... You, fairy... Mmh!" She thinks outloud as she sucks on Kijo.

 Series Of Bad News

That's enough! You must act! Not being able to open that damn door, you decide to hit its glass to try and break it. It's not sufficient. You have to put more force into it. You fly back and then rush into the glass, which only tinkles. Wait ... fly back? The chamber of the pendulum was not that big ... But you don't have time to think that you perceive the small amount of light which reaches you turning into darkness. You look out of the clock and face Lashana's face which seems to have brought it up to her. "What do we have here?" she said happily. "Look at this!" she adds, bringing her mouth in front of you. After a few internal movements, this mouth pops out the upper body of Kijo, who, after a nauseous moment, finally notices you and reacts immediately with a widening of the eyes. Seeing her directly in front of you reassures you about her condition but validates the assumptions previously made about your own condition: you have shrunk.

This isn't good. This situation can only end badly.
Your mind wants to reach out to Kijo, but no matter what you do, your body can't move. It's as if the look Lashana had cast on you earlier has petrified you. Hard to believe that this is only the effect of fear. But she genuinely seems gifted at terrorizing.

Lashana pulls her head away, "Why! I am pampered tonight." she says aping gratitude and embarassement, "After all that I have already eaten! Oh! Do not worry! I will honor your offerings.". Then she addresses Kijo, still hanging from her lips: "I'm sorry! But you have to leave your place for dessert."
She plumps her lips, readying them for sucking her in one more last time.


Kijo, trying to steady herself, throws a gaze of desperation at you. But she perceives that you seem way more desperate than she is. This gaze of her seems to fill with determination despite her gesture symbolizing more of a desperate action from your point of view; she gives a palm strike on the lower lip which is about to drag her towards her tragic destiny.

An instant later, Lashana seems to disappear. Stunned, however, you notice that this is not exactly the case. You manage to see a shrinked her, between the two moved forward lips of Kijo, in the exact same position than the latter was just a moment earlier. In fact, they seems to have reversed their positions; Lashana is between Kijo's lips, her palm against the lower's, thunderstrucked by her new situation. Kijo, she is in the exact same position as Lashana was, plumping her lips and holding the air in her hand instead of the clock you are in.
It is from this last observation that you realize that your clock is no longer held in the air by anything, causing its fall and yours. Kijo, for her part, seeming to have to recover from this swapping that she herself had just caused, takes some time to realize it. As soon as she awares it, she rushes towards you to try and stop the fall in which you find yourself.
Lashana takes advantage of the loss of attention towards her and of pressure from the lips that are holding her back to try to extricate herself from them. She manages to free her entire body down to her heels still held by the mouth of the prisoner now turned jailer fairy, preparing to start her own solo fall. But that's when Kijo realizes the elopement, straining her tongue to hold the runaway back.
But that's also when Kijo finds herself between the ground and the clock, having her back hit by the latter. The impact seems to finally blow the lock of the clock, violently opening the door which knocks her out for good with a tinkle in her head. Lying under the clock, her tongue hangs out and is sprawled on the floor from her gently open mouth.


You are only slightly stunned. It only takes a little while before you can fly again, towards the hinges of the now open door.
Between Kijo's two lips, you see something crawling out, following the path of the hanging tongue, to finally safely reach the ground. This thing then suddenly stops once its last foot leaves the tongue to land on the ground and abruptly turns its gaze to you. Gaze from which you try to hide by lowering your head.
This thing is, unsurprisingly, Lashana who managed to get by, and pretty well; No apparent injuries and no signs of nausea or any other possible side effect one might expect from such a fall, especially after her drastic shrinkage. This is surely beacause of the place she were in that had cushions her landing.
You will further quickly be able to see it, since Lashana is swarming towards you, climbing beforehand on the face of the motionless and unconscious Kijo. You estimate that she is still, despite her shrinking, a little less than twice the size of you. Something that you can easily appreciate from the height of her hand at your neck which raises you slightly under her face so that she can look down on you.

Her gaze on you is still terrifying - and maybe even more now - but this time shows an ostentatious pride and an anger that you do not know of her. And her upper lip, raised to one side and quivering with hatred, reveals her gum and some of her sharp teeth. She finaly starts to speak, tightening her teeth, "Don't think you're safe! I'll find a way to grow back to my original size and have my dessert. You!" She stares at you for a few moments with that hatred still on her face then continues, "And as for the main course ...", she turns her head towards the seemingly giant for both of you, Kijo, "I'll make sure she can't struggle the next time she's on the menu.".
She turns her gaze back at you and almost immediately, Kijo makes little moans that seems to worry enough Lashana so she lose her anger for nervousness during a few seconds turning her eyes back at the giant fairy. Once reassured that she hasn't woken up, she turns back to you, baring her teeth and groaning. "I will mark you so that you remember your destiny at every moment.". She opens her jaw while moving her lips as far as possible from each other, showing as much of her teeth she is capable of. She draw her maw close to the bottom of your neck like a vampire would except that she seems motivated to bite deeper than one would. You scream as you feel her fangs pierce your flesh and thrust deeper and deeper. Her lips finaly land on your skin, and then you're feeling her teeth coming closer together inside. Behind your screams, you suddenly hear Kijo moaned again but louder than previously. Lashana seems to get frightened up and immediately pulls her mouth away from your neck, leaving the job half done, then throws you back, letting you glide alongside the clock door as she runs away like a cockroach.
You finaly land heavily near Kijo's hanging tongue, writhing in pain from the torture that the draconian's huge jaw has put you through. But soon you become numb and gradually lose the ability to move your entire body as you lose the feeling of the warmth of Kijo's breath, lying motionless but unable to lose consciousness.

 The Intangible World

Several minutes pass, and in your vegetative state, you can do nothing more than observe the landscape that imposes itself on you: a deep pink tongue dotted with little and slightly lighter bumps, which escapes from Kijo's mouth. From the side of your sight, you see two white spots protruding behind her upper lip. She seems to have both middle incisors slightly longer than the others. It's funny how even in situations like this, you learn a little bit more about her. Facing this landscape reminds you of the fresh and fruity perfume of Kijo's breath just before you lost your sense of smell from the poison running through you. You also remember her voice, her maternal tone, her smile, her facial expressions, her gaze, her postures, her gestures, her elegancy, her prettiness, her peacefulness, her proficiency, her acumen, her delicacy ... of her. You still do not feel the warmth from her breath, but yet, you do feel some in your chest.
You still hear the sound of her wheezing, but slowly subsiding. She finally seems to be recovering.
Barely a few minutes later, she seems to gradually regain consciousness causing the slow reopening of her eyes and some light unconscious movements.

 Dream World

When she finally regains full possession of her mind, she seems at the end of her strength but nevertheless promptly sucks her tongue back in, closing her mouth much too tightly, exerting an almost ridiculous pressure on her lips which she almost immediately hides from her hand as if she had ashamed of something. "You haven't seen anything, have you?" she asks uneasy.
You try to answer, but only manage to sketch a shapeless smile and expel faint, unintelligible moans.

As soon as she acknowledges your situation she starts to panic: "Is it me who ...?", She perceives the piece of flesh protruding from your neck, "Oh damn! That bitch lizard ! Where is she ?! What do I say! Who cares about her! I have to heal you! ", She puts her hand behind you, "Don't move I'm going ... What do I say ! You don't even seem to be able to anymore ! Come over there! ", She slips her hand under you and brings you close to her mouth. Then she brings back her second hand to form a sort of half-shell which she places around her mouth area and gently blows a soothing air. Following this demonstration, you may need to revisit your list of qualities to remove 'peacefulness' or 'acumen'.
As she blows you are alleviated, but you also feel her wobble as if she was losing strength from this act. You do not yet know much about magic, but you know that regenerative magic - not being made by nature to pierce any defense - only requires a refusal from the target to be stopped. Which you do immediately, refusing to steal the little strength you perceive remaining from her.

Of course she immediately realizes it and scolds you, "What are you doing ?! I'm trying to save you there!" She blows at you again but feels that the treatment is still refused. So she berates you again although you hear a sob accompanying her voice, "Stop it! This is ridiculous!" Trying unsuccessfully once more she tells you off, this time unable to stop herself from bursting into tears, "You ...! Please! I don't want to be responsible for a death again. Hazel ! ", she blows, " For pity! ". You would like to comfort her but you don't have that strength. She continues to lament as you finally manage to sink into a coma, thanks to her.

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