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This Little Girl Has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve! Watch Out!
There was a girl named autumn autumn was 7 years old, but that doesn't mean she’s innocent. On Christmas eve she set up “cookies” for Santa. “cookies?” her mom said she said “yes cookies” but you guessed those cookies were filled with mustard! And Gave Him Expired Milk. At night Santa went to the house and ate the cookies filled with mustard. He spit them out and said “who did this!?!?!?” The little girl got away with her mischievous pranks. The girl woke up on Christmas day and found herself with coal! And A note the note said “For you giving me cookies filled with mustard and expired milk you have coal for Christmas Santa-“ The mom grounded autumn and took away her barbie play-set. The girl finally stopped doing tricks on Christmas and got presents and lived A good life the end.

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