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girls education and hurdles
Everyone emphasizes girls' education these days. Some parents force their children to learn only about Islamic education. Some parents like to teach their child only courses education.

Most people in the Muslim community think that women live in houses. They have no right to work in offices. Some modern-day think women can work in offices. They can be CEO, pilot, doctor, military, and engineers. Women are real estate agents. It is true that they can make the life of their father, brother, and husband successful. It is thinking that Girls should stay at home because outside life is dangerous.

Why parents think they can save their daughter from the world by tying it up in their homes. Why parents are not as empowering on fulfilling their role as Hazrat Khadijah (R.A). Hazrat Khadijah was a businessman. She was the role model for Muslim women. She was a successful woman with a humble and strong character. On top of all this, she was a beautiful daughter; a great Muslim, and a beautiful wife. Don’t pressure your daughter to stay inside but teach her to act strong. Today, we will not live with strong opinions. According to Islam; we will not live by ultra-modern ideas. According to Islamic education, women have the right to dignity; the right to worship; the right to property, and the right to participate in any social work. In order to create a Muslim community, be strong behind them. Don't become weak. Help them face all adversity with dignity through a strong character like Hazrat Khadijah (R.A).
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