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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2241927
It makes me feel like there's a hope
I don’t remember any time
I’ve ever felt so beat
My eyelids keep on drooping down
My limbs feel like concrete

My muscles have no strength at all
It’s not as if I ache
It simply that I feel so tired
I’m bushed, for goodness sake

If I could only get some sleep
One night, or maybe two
I think that I would be all right
Feel like I’m someone new

But sleep is not a choice I have
I’ve made myself a bet
I’ll binge-watch every episode
And I am not done yet

Yes, West Wing is my favorite show
I watch it every night
It makes me feel like there’s a hope
That things could turn out right

With Trump there in the real White House
I seek some way to cope
I know it’s just a TV show
But it still gives me hope

The characters these actors play
May sometimes get things wrong
But in the end you always know
Somehow they’ll finish strong

The real White House is something else
It fills my heart with fear
You never know what will come next
If we’ll survive the year

Forgive me if I find escape
In something that is fake
But West Wing is my Shangri-La
… if I can stay awake

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