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Miguel steals the girl away. Charles must rescue her.
"Susan said yes! The girl of my dreams said she'd marry me."

"Great," Miguel said. "When will be the wedding Charles?"

Miguel was my roommate, and best friend. From Columbia. With his expensive and generous lifestyle, campus rumors had him as the scion of a drug boss. He denied it.

"Ideally before graduation, but we don't have the money for even a small wedding."

"A shame," Miguel replied.

Two weeks later, Susan and I were studying outside the library. Miguel roared up in his BMW M4. Jumped out, grabbed Susan by the arm, leading her into the car.

"Since there's no wedding, I'm taking her," Miguel smirked. "Try to catch us. I dare you!"

I had to try. My old Honda couldn't catch the M4. At the airport, it was waved to a private jet, which quickly departed.

I pleaded with the Airport controller for help.

"They're headed for Bogota," she stated. "The big airline jets are faster. This afternoon's flight will get you there at almost the same time."

Almost, but Miguel and Susan made it to a limo. I grabbed a cab. In heavy traffic, we lost them.

"Don't worry," the driver said. "I know that car, where it's likely going."

A half hour later, we pulled up to a gated estate. A guard glanced inside, and waved us through.

"Geez, Miguel said his family wasn't into drugs: now I wonder. Will I be safe in this drug den?" I asked.

"Drugs? No. This is Senior Marcus' home, the owner of Principle Insurance."

A smiling Miguel, dressed in a tux, opened the door for me. "Hurry, get dressed."

Decorations were up. Our parents and friends were there. Susan took my breath away in her wedding gown. Our "I do's" were wonderful.

Miguel will always be my best man.
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