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pandemic situation and its effects on relationship
This article describes the real thoughts of a girl in a pandemic situation.

I am Natasha with the dream of becoming a doctor. All the peoples around me said" you are intelligent and you will be the future of your country," but the sudden, Pandemic monster entered our country

I have decided to help the people facing this monster. but, all the people around me said, "Oh no Natasha, You can,t go to that area. you are a little girl, and please if u go there, don,t even come to our room".

Then, one day, I have faced people who have lost their jobs due to pandemic situations. Many government schemes were organized for helping those people. but it was just like a temporary pump for them. some peoples tried their best to help those people but others were reluctant to do this. But yes. they were somehow right because this pandemic monster can hurt all the persons.but other persons can keep safe themselves by taking precautionary measures,

And one day, I listened to the news of my relative death because of this monster. All the people here were so frightened and no one come there due to fear of the monster.No one was there to console their family. and I thought at that time, this monster is no doubt dangerous, but it also imparts a great impact on our relationship.
I know that this situation is very severe, and keep the distance and stay away from each other, but please don,t increase the distances of your hearts.

Many people are very kind and impart great roles in this situation. but, this monster's impact is that much, that some people start to hate the person, not the disease.

In short, Natasha's message is that "please don,t let this monster to extend and increase the distances between your hearts. keep the distance, but please don,t forget about humanity and the relationships". Hate the virus but not the patient.
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