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by Norman
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It may be gone forever
I don’t know when I lost it.
How could it disappear?
It may be gone forever.
That is my biggest fear.

I’ve searched the house all over.
I looked both high and low.
It has to be here somewhere.
But where, I just don’t know.

I have to think about this.
When did I have it last?
My mind moved in slow motion.
I couldn’t think that fast.

I know I had it Monday.
No, maybe I am wrong.
Yeah, maybe it was Sunday.
Could it have been that long?

So here I am on Thursday.
Oh man, the time does fly.
If I don’t find it soon though,
I think that I might cry.

You know, I may forget it,
just give up and move on.
Yeah, someday it might turn up.
Till then it’s lost and gone.

So I’ll just live without it,
like all those things before.
I’ll clear it from my memory.
Zap! - gone forever more.

Oh, you may think I'm kidding,
but lost things do abound,
all piled up together
in some old Lost and Found.

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