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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2241992
Richard and baby sister Ruth need to escape. But they fail. Richard tweets for help.
"Why didn't you come when I tweeted for help?" Richard asks.

"My iPhone ran down. Only saw your tweets a few minutes ago," Stephen replies. "They start out saying that you and baby sister Ruth needed help. What happened?"

"Just so you know, I won't be tweeting for a while. We were forced into the spare room by the Witch," Richard says. "But the door wasn't locked."

"We got part way down the shadowy hallway, when I saw a problem. Don't go any further. Lights ahead. You'll be seen. But it was too late. This time the Witch locked the door."

"Time for plan B," Richard goes on. "There's a closet in the spare room that connects to Mom and Dad's bedroom. Another way out. But the Witch apparently knew that. Locked their bedroom door too. How would we escape?"

"That's when I tweeted. But you didn't show up. Officer Raymond did."

"Here's the evidence, Sir," Officer Raymond begins. "These tweet messages led me to suspect a kidnapping."

"The messages describe a young boy and his sister, being held captive, locked in a room by a Witch."

"Well, we were locked up," Richard starts to say. A quick look from "Sir" stops that short.

"I arrived to find these two," Officer Raymond continues, pointing to Ruth and Richard, "indeed locked in a room"

"And this one with the key," pointing to the Witch. "Tweet messages can help us to stop crimes, Sir, but sometimes it's tough to distinguish fact from fantasy."

"We still owe you thanks for your quick response Officer," Sir says, "and an apology. Richard..."

"I'm sorry Officer," Richard says.

"And Kathleen...." Sir says.

"I'm sorry too Officer," Kathleen, the Witch and older sister, says.

After Officer Raymond leaves, Sir Dad lays down the law.
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