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AEIOU and sometimes Y is the last thing that exists after the world ends.
5 minutes ago,
the world ended.

            or everything
orbits a single letter, both
vowel and consonant

all collapses in
e  x  p  a  n  d  s
into a perfect shape,
the ultimate question:


4 minutes ago,
the world ended. 

the sound of all that
has been   
                could be
echoes infinitely, a pendulum
Potential  and  Reality
  never quite touching
  either one.


3 minutes ago,
the world ended. 

light has slowed into
          a neon liquid,
now the speed of light is just
  7.2 miles
  an hour
and primary colors are
on the point where the world
used to be.


2 minutes ago,
the world ended.

all that was in motion
at the time,
                is reversed now.
gravity is warped:
    up is right
    left is down
and if you were to fall,
you would never

1 minute ago,
the world ended.

    as you know it
no longer exists,
neither does death. 

every former being is now 
            in a gaseous state,
breathing itself in and out.
entropy will soon
tear each one

the world is ending. 

our sun just
  ex      ploded
into a billion and one
nuclear diamonds.
the planets have
      d i s integrated
and now time is moving

all because
  you unfollowed me
    on Twitter.
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