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Outside the weather was not settled nor peaceful. Over head only a few rows of lights were left on. In Rochester, NY offices were still going, but not all. The tonight weather show reported strong wind and snow fall the next day. No one in the office would know this until later when they got home. This particular office of only 7 stories was nearly empty, expect for a cubical on the 5th floor. The lady sat over looking papers, online documents, and a todo list. Her home was thirty minutes away and only her cat would be missing her.

The clock as Emily could see read 9pm she had already stayed an extra four hours how much later would she stay? This same question ran through her mind and the thought of her lonely apartment made her decision for her. Another hour wouldn't hurt and on top of that Misty her cat had plenty of food. Another hour went by and the coffee from the afternoon was wearing off. I just have a few more things todo, I can get them done. Half way through these few more things Emily set down her head to rest her eyes.

Story line overall.

She is stuck in the building later on during a blizzard and starts exploring different offices to see inside the heart of her work place and coworkers.
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