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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2242044
Flash fiction
"You're making a mistake." Jo whined.

"But I love him, Jo. I don't care if Ray Wilkins is poor as a church mouse, I'm gonna marry him."

"You heard what Momma said. If you don't marry Mr. Atkins, we gonna lose the estate."

"A run down ol' house and a few acres of worthless land? What's to lose?"

"But, Ellie Beth, what will happen to Momma and me?"

"You can room in town and find jobs, that's what you can do. I cannot and will not marry for money."

"How can Momma work? She's had servants to do everything for her. She wouldn't know how."

"Then, you marry Mr. Atkins, or Momma; he's closer to her age anyhow."

"But he hasn't asked us. It's you he wants to marry. How could you be so selfish?"

"It's you and Momma that's been selfish. All the money Poppa left has gone on fripperies. I been happy enough with your hand-me-downs. Now, let me study, or I'll never get to be a school teacher."

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