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by Norman
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I'm not like all the others
I try my best to fit in
But that’s just not my style
When people say that I am odd
I simply give a smile

I’m not like all the others
I guess that much is true
But I’m content to stand alone
It’s really nothing new

I’ll always be the odd one
As I go my own way
But I’ll be true to my own self
No matter what they say

I listened to my mother
She gave me this advice
Stand fast and firm with your beliefs
No matter what the price

Don’t let them overwhelm you
Don’t let them quell your voice
Although you’re not like all the rest
You never had a choice

It always is the dreamer
Who is the very best
He’s not like all the other ones
He’s different than the rest

Be proud of your own nature
Don’t let them put you down
If not for all of those who dared
Then nothing would be found

Some day you will be noticed
For what you have achieved
Some day you will be recognized
Till then you must believe

Believe in what you stand for
Believe in who you are
Believe that some day they will know
You are a shining star

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