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Using cryotherapy, compression & Zerobody dry float for draining the lymphatic system
Lymphatic Drainage Method by Joel Cruzada
Using Whole Body Cryotherapy, Compression & Zerobody Dry Float for Draining the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System

Lymph nodes and the lymphatic system are a daily topic when it comes to discussions on the benefits of visiting a modern wellness center. Most of these types of businesses usually have a Whole Body Cryotherapy device and at the very least, Compression systems like the Normatec technology.

But when it comes to a simple, hands-off way of assisting your customer with a Lymphatic Drainage protocol, adding a Dry Float system like the Zerobody along with Whole Body Cryotherapy and Compression technology, is a very effective procedure.

Before we get into the details of my Lymphatic Drainage method using Whole Body Cryotherapy, the Zerobody Dry Float, and the Normatec Compression systems, we need to go over the basics of what the lymphatic system does and why it’s important to assist in its drainage.

The lymphatic network in your body is a crucial part of your immune system and it has a central role to play in cancer prevention as well as other diseases. The lymphatic system consists of tiny tubes that run along your veins called lymphatic vessels, which collect lymph fluid. These vessels route the fluid through the lymph nodes, which house immune cells that kill off abnormal cells and other harmful substances such as cell waste, abnormal cells, toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Proper drainage then brings the lymph fluid back into the blood stream, which flows through the kidneys and then the urinary tract where waste is removed and passed out and evacuated through your urine.

Your body depends on your lymphatic system to remove waste that can lead to diseases. And every healthy step you take helps it do its job.

More so now, than ever before, during this pandemic, it is crucial, almost life-threatening, to not drain your lymphatic system effectively on a daily basis. If your lymphatic system is not efficiently being drained, and you contract the Covid-19 virus or the Flu, or any seasonal colds for that matter, what room will your body have to drain the waste caused by these viruses. Thus, the term “Lymphatic Overload” which raises the threat of having the virus in your system and creates a domino effect of issues to arise and why people with underlying health concerns are targeted the most.

The reason we have to assist the lymphatic system with proper drainage is because it does not have an organ like the heart to pump fluid around your body and dispose of it in a speedy matter.

Imagine that your lymphatic system is a garbage disposal, with an atmospheric temperature of 98.6 degrees, without any power to crush and dispose of the garbage inside of it. Within a couple of hours, maybe even minutes, bacteria and an awful smell will form. Imagine this happening inside of your body!

An important detail to keep in mind is that lymph fluid relies on the movement and the contraction of your muscles to make it flow. That’s why staying active and continuing to move your body through exercise should continue to be a priority.

The Cryotherapy, Dry Float and Compression Method

Introduction of all three therapies allows us to stimulate both the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic nervous systems which are part of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that functions continuously behind the scenes without conscious effort.

One of the most effective ways to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system is through a Whole Body Cryotherapy procedure.

Activating the sympathetic nervous system by rapidly reducing the temperature (thermal shock) puts the body in a “fight or flight” or emergency state which prepares the body for energy expenditure activating the amygdala, hypothalamus and pituitary glands thus releasing valuable hormones. The stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system causes pupil dilatation, bronchiole dilatation, blood vessel constriction, sweat secretion, inhibits peristalsis, increases renin secretion by the kidneys, as well as can induce reproductive organ contraction and secretion all of which contribute to boosting the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

During this process, muscle contracts, thus squeezing the lymphatic system causing a pumping motion throughout the body. What the body goes through during a 3-minute, Whole Body Cryotherapy procedure and how it affects the lymphatic system is similar to the effects of a rigorous exercise.

By stimulating these processes during this short 3-minute cryotherapy procedure, we have not only sped up the metabolism of bodily waste and toxins (lymph fluid) to carry them to the lymphatic system, but we’ve also increased the removal of them by the constriction and pumping motion of the lymph nodes and the entire lymphatic system.

Introducing Dry Float and Compression

When we’re constantly in an upright position, whether sitting or standing, gravity applies a lot of force on our body and our brain has to do what it takes to keep our skeletal and muscular system engaged to maintain balance.

The Zerobody Dry Float System puts your body into a “suspended float” state that disengages the muscles from having to maintain the need for balance and fight the strong effects of gravity. This gets you into a heightened sense of relaxation which allows your brain to elevate through multiple stages of rest in the hopes of obtaining a “deep rest” level otherwise known as the Theta State.

Putting the brain in this state allows the brain to do what it does best – heal. Without the distraction of gravity along with canceling out all other sensory distractions, restores the brain and the body into a restful state which stimulates the Parasympathetic System releasing valuable neurotransmitters such as Acetylcholine (ACh). Acetylcholine aids in contracting smooth muscles, dilates blood vessels, increases bodily secretions, and slows your heart rate.

These processes all play a positive role in the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and how it can assist with eliminating waste from your body.

The beauty of the Zerobody Dry Float system is that it’s not based on a “Wet Float” technology where the body is immersed and in direct contact with the water. Instead, a thin membrane separates the individual from the water without interfering with the “floating” sensation. This means that we can combine additional therapies to it without the concern of getting them wet thus increasing the effectiveness of a true lymphatic drainage procedure by doubling up the therapies.

While the individual is in the Zerobody Dry Float system, we apply the final part of our protocol; the Normatec Compression System.

Combining the Normatec Compression System while the body is in its restful state (Parasympathetic), now aides in contraction of the muscles, and slowly massages the parts of the body where the lymphatic system travels through and drains (arms, legs, hip areas). This compression process serves as the missing “pump” that the lymphatic system can’t do.

The pneumatic pressure sequence that the Normatec Compression system goes through is designed perfectly to work its way from one end of a lymphatic network to another, gently moving lymph fluid by compressing the surrounding muscles that wrap around the lymphatic system.

Laying in the Zerobody while doing Normatec compression also raises the legs in the proper angle to assist with the flow of lymph fluid back to the kidneys for proper drainage.

By introducing all three therapies, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Zerobody Dry Float, and Normatec Compression, you activate the entire Autonomic Nervous System which controls both the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nervous systems, which is always our ultimate goal for maintaining optimal homeostasis, bringing an effective feeling of balance to everyone who comes to you for healing therapy.

Optional Therapies

You can choose to introduce a 10-minute vibration therapy to induce continued energy production, increased cardiovascular functions, and muscle contraction and/or Infrared sauna treatment to excrete additional waste through the skin immediately after performing the above sequencing.

In Summary

This Lymphatic Drainage Method should be done two times a week, leaving 2 to 3 days in between each. Maintaining this regiment may assist with keeping a healthy and efficient lymphatic system and can be an effective alternative to a lymphatic drainage massage. Do the following in the same order.

1. Sympathetic Activation:

         o Whole Body Cryotherapy: 3 Minutes

2. Parasympathetic Activation:

         o Zerobody Dry Float: 30-60 Minutes

         o Normatec Compression Therapy: 30-60 Minutes


• Power Plate Vibration: 10 Minutes

• Infrared Sauna: 30 Minutes

Note: As an alternative option to the Zerobody Dry Float system, you can use a Zero Gravity chair while administering the Normatec Compression system on the legs, hips, or legs.

After therapy, instruct your client/patient to make sure they drink plenty of water, eat clean and urinate as much as possible to aide in the rapid removal of the waste. Some may feel a little lightheaded as the body just activated multiple toxin-removing processes. Drinking plenty of water pre- and post-treatments can assist with lessening these after-effects.

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