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Problems meant according to people and what I mean.
Guyssss,,,,, what do you think about problems?
Look what I think about problems is like it's a part from the cycle of life, more often which causes tension, stress, sadness, depression etc. Some people show out their problems by speaking or discussing about it or it might be sometimes known by some sort of means. But does it mean if a person who is smiling, laughing or people who don't show it or speak about it do not have any problem in their life. This is actually what I have felt when I don't show out or speak about my problems. Suppose if people are discussing about their jobs and if I won't they are like "are u not tensed atleast a little, how can you be so bindass (which means with no tensn at all)", if I am not speaking about it does it mean I m not tensed, what do they actually mean like if I feel tensed then I will get a job or else I won't. How can that be possible dude like how, to get a job I need to work for it, in the sense I need to have grades atlst some required average, some amount of mayb gk based on our daily life and some info related to the job I am finding or trying to do. Isn't it? And I had gone through some situation where I ws literally ws happy working or doing something I like and smiling and asked for other person to try the same if possible, buy no the person was like " No, I cannot throw a fake smile 🙂" . I was like what , what does that mean, if I am doing something and if I am happy about then why, can't I show atlst smile on my face, should I be the same as they sit just as they are doing something they don't like when they say they like or love doing it. Actually it's not my problem or I am not the one who's faking it, literally it's THEM. If they don't mean it in that way then they better say it correctly rather than saying in the way that points to others or else explain so that the other person doesn't have anything to misunderstand about it,,,, because this is what I do, so I don't mean that people have to be like me,when u feel hurt by some words of people even u need to be careful with ur tongue, so it's better not to hurt others with your words too.
That's all🙂. I did not mean to hurt anyone, these are things what I felt, Sorry if anyone feels hurt from the words I have written above.
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