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One day a mother was reading a fairytale to her young child named Anne. This story was Anne’s favorite since it was about the mischief and playful fairies and the tricks they could do.
“To be on the good side of the fairies, you need to offer them sweets or presents.” said the mother.”
“What about pizza?” Said Anne.
“I don’t think they would like that, honey. Fairies like cakes and sweet treats.”
“But I don’t like or have sweet treats mother, what do I do?”
“It’s okay, Anne, it’s just a book. Fairies aren’t real.”
“What? So why do I have a fairy house in my room inside a tree trunk?” asked Anne, clearly upset.
“It’s a fairytale, sweetheart, just like the rest of the stories I read to you. You’ll understand when you get older.”
From the kitchen, the smell of fresh-made pizza blew into the living room, and with the sound of the timer, supper was ready.
After supper, Anne got ready for bed before her mother noticed she took a small piece of pizza and placed it outside the little door to the Fairies’ house.
“Good Night, little fairies, and I hope you enjoy your snack as much as I did.”
All tucked in, Anne had no problem falling asleep, but later on that night, noises coming from the tree trunk awoke her.
“What a sweet little girl we have here. To think of us like this is unbelievable.”
Anne rubbed her eyes, and suddenly the fairies disappeared. And so did the piece of pizza.
The next morning Anne ran to her mother.
“Mom, mom, they liked the pizza. They did like it. I told you!”
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