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As I lay on my bed staring out the window, I notice the weirdest thing. A little green light was shining just outside. I move to get closer, but it disappears.

“Don’t be scared, little light,” I say

Slowly, it reappears in a shape of a ball. I reach out to touch it, and it zooms around my room.

“Okay, I won’t touch you. I promise. “What are you doing here?”

A small voice comes from the ball of light.

“I’m lost, and I’m looking for my mommy.”

“What does your mom look like?”

“She is big and round, with grey markings. She is always in the night sky, but she’s missing tonight.”

“Are you looking for the moon? Is that your mom?”

“Yes! Have you seen her?”

“Not tonight but, we can look for her together.”

We look up to the sky for a while, and behind a cloud appears the moon.

“Mommy! Yells the little light. Thank you for helping me.”

“Your welcome, now hurry home before she worries.”

With the mission completed, I lay back in bed. Without a worry, I fall fast asleep.
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