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A description of life as I see it
I drive to get my wife meds at a local Walmart and as I turn life comes into focus

There is a train rumbling down the track. I count the containers as they go by.

I am the only car on my side of the track. I am all about making choices, I wait.

One by one I count fully expecting to count to a thousand, just be patient.

I live on the other side of the pandemic. More often than not feeling a prisoner.

I was one of those people that voted for Trump. Visions of the insurrection go by.

The previous night I was at the ER with my wife, grouchy tired, God take my hand.

I get to the twenty fifth container and the gate opens for me to enter, hope freed.

My bed awaits. It is getting late. When will the crisis end. It seems an eternity.

My wife waits for me as I wait for the time to pass when I can celebrate rest.

I escaped being Covid positive, a vaccine is ahead. The potential for being opened.

God I pray keep me safe from the train wreck. Teach me to listen and look.

I look to our countries transition to new leadership. It is very scary. Violence

I have endured much in my life that teaches me I am not safe. Watch!

Scores of soldiers wait the advent of inauguration. Changes are ahead.

I will let go and let God. I have no control of train Wrecks. In God I trust eternally

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