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How conservatism can snap back after 2021
Conservatism: Victory from Defeat.

For Americans with conservative political ideology and traditional Judeo-Christian values the results of the 2020 national elections were disappointing and disheartening. The so-called progressive agenda supported by the Biden administration violates their core religious, political, and moral values while threatening the very fabric of society. Conservative Americans have watched basic, once inviolable Constitutional rights dwindle before an onslaught of socialistic attitudes that have permeated American social, political, and religious institutions. In the name of compromise, politicians that identified themselves as conservative have failed to defend these rights in any effective way.

Only when facing tremendous grass-roots pressure from conservative people all over the country did these politicians defend conservatism. They did so only reluctantly. This reluctance must be interpreted as their at least tacit approval of the progressive agenda. Those politicians failed to realize that there are some ideals that cannot be compromised. With extraordinary perseverance and patience, conservative Americans hoped that their supposedly conservative representatives would do the right thing without them having to apply massive public and fund-raising pressure. In most cases, such pressure was needed, however. This left a very large number of conservative Americans feeling ignored and unrepresented even by the politicians they repeatedly voted for.

The questions concerning the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential elections only served to exacerbate this feeling of marginalization. No cohesive, serious investigation of the alleged election fraud was even attempted. Seemingly damning evidence of fraud was scoffed at by a clearly partisan press and stubbornly avoided by the courts. For the hitherto 'silent majority,' this lack of sufficient attention to the possibility of massive and pervasive election fraud was the last offense against them that could be tolerated. No longer silent, they let out a collective shout. They arrived in Washington DC by the tens of thousands. In an act of supreme idiocy, a tiny fraction of that silent majority stormed and vandalized the United States Capitol Building. There is no way to justify the attack. But the attack was not, in my opinion, perpetrated on behalf of conservative values. It was a stupid, misguided act in support of Donald Trump. Therein lays the problem.

I did not vote for President Trump in 2016. My vote was cast for a third-party candidate. I did, however, vote for President Trump in 2020. I supported the majority of President Trump's policies during his administration but, throughout that administration, I always feared the 'cult of personality' that had formed around a single man. My fears were confirmed when the capitol building was stormed. While I do not believe that President Trump was complicit in the capitol attack, I do believe that misguided, fanatical loyalty to him by a tiny fraction of his followers led them to commit the attack. Such loyalty to any single person is always a dangerous thing. A single person can be defeated; valid ideas and principles cannot be.

I ask my fellow conservatives to remember that our cause cannot ever be about one person. Our core principles of individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility transcend any single individual. Mirroring the thuggish behavior of ATIFA and Black Lives Matter will not advance our cause. It will only harm it just as the capitol building attack already has.

If the political and societal situation in the United States continues to deteriorate then more violence is inevitable. Prudence only demands that good people must be prepared to meet that violence with violence in their own defense. However, we must never, never, initiate violence. The war we are currently in is a war of ideas. It is a war of principles. It is a war that conservatives are currently losing. We are not losing because our ideas and principles are inferior. We are losing because we have been complacent and inattentive for decades.

While conservatives have occasionally risen up to make their voices heard over various galvanizing issues, they have allowed the institutions of society to be almost completely compromised. Conservatives have been comparatively silent as socialist ideology has come to dominate our educational system. Conservatives have failed to master social media and have instead been mastered by it. The entertainment industry has become little more than a propaganda arm of the progressive socialist movement. The conservative movement has, in many respects, allowed its voice to be silenced through inaction. The movement now has to play catch up.

It can catch up, however. Here are some guidelines that I believe every conservative in the country can utilize.

1- Be well informed and inform others accurately: Always be aware of news, current events, and history. Be certain of the accuracy of the information that you share. The mainstream media will hold you accountable for any inaccuracy. They will not hold the left to the same standard.

2- Engage with others civilly- Use whatever skills you have to propagate conservative values at every opportunity. If you are an artist use your art to express your conservative values. If you have a gift for the written word or oratory use that to expose others to your beliefs. Although censorship in establishment media and in social media has largely strangled conservative thought, the word can still be spread. This can be done simply by striking up a conversation while in a waiting room or checkout line. Networks for writing and distributing physical letters (such as those written by the American Revolutionary war's committees of correspondence) can be established; bypassing the social and news media. Old-school printed newspapers and tracts can be printed enemas on household printers. New, self-contained electronic communications can be established by conservatives with the resources and necessary skill sets. Always be civil, but be persistent.

3- Be active in local politics- The senate, house, and the oval office are temporarily controlled by the left. This means fighting a political holding action at the federal level. So we must go on the offensive at the local and state levels; from small-town mayors and county commissioners to state legislators, all the way to state governors. Make conservative voices heard. Be vigilant against the leftist's agenda in your local school boards. Speak out against any attack on individual liberty in your home town. Do not neglect local elections. (I, myself am guilty of this.) Remember high-level politicians often start as local politicians. Stop the leftists and Statists before they gain power. Call, write, and otherwise contact your state representatives to protest any law that threatens conservative values. Support local officeholders when they stand against the leftist agenda. Be relentless. Make being a leftist politician more trouble than it is worth.

4- Play the long game- Do not think in terms of election cycles. Think in terms of decades. When the leftist infiltrated our institutions, they did so slowly. They wove socialist ideology into the culture thereby producing voters with leftist leanings. To the left everything is political. Socialism is their religion and they practice it with driving, unrelenting zeal. Conservatives must match that zeal. It is not enough to plan to win the next election; we must plan to win the next ten elections. We must place solid conservatives in all levels of our governmental, industrial, and educational institutions to dilute the socialist influence that already dominates those institutions. We cannot put tactical victories before strategic victories.

5- Have faith in conservative values- Be well versed in the conservative principles on which your values are based. Be able to logically, and articulately refute attacks on those principles while using logic and reason to deconstruct the leftist ideology. Study history and conservatism. Understand conservatism at a level beyond quotations and slogans. Be a scholar of political thought. Be calm in your arguments. If you have to shout you have probably not been articulate and logical enough. Again, I say never initiate violence. If violence is brought against you and yours then, as a last resort, visit it back upon your attackers ten-fold. But know that the side that initiates violence is proving that it has no faith in the principles it supports.

These guidelines are, I believe, a good foundation for taking back what was lost in the 2020 election. The situation is grave. If President Biden and the radical leftists that control him manage to enact even half of the far-left policies they've proposed, the United States may well not survive a representative republic. It is my hope the ideas I express here will inspire at least one person to action. For it was mainly through previous inaction that we have allowed the American Republic to be placed in such urgent peril.
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