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by CNS
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2242277
Man faces something of legend. Stand alone piece or should be an opening chapter?
Do you know those moments in life when you feel completely incompetent and idiotic? I was currently having one. I was attempting to open my moderately priced hotel (or was it motel? I never understood the difference.) room door, while holding a leftover box, my phone, an open beer plus the additional five pack and my jacket.
I’d managed to drop my phone, the key and spill beer down the front of my shirt during the process. This was the type of hotel/motel that opens directly outside and I was currently blocking the entire walkway with my bumbling over weight white ass. A more prolifically over weight Hispanic woman was impatiently waiting for me to move so she and her three children could pass.
This woman was holding a toddler, what appeared to be dinner for all of them, various bags, clothes and stuffed animals all with more grace than I could muster holding only my own belongings. She had no patience for my bumbling and was muttering in Spanish as I scrambled.
Despite my embarrassment I was running the conversation I’d just had with Heather through my head. Heather was my current girlfriend of the last few months. I really kind of liked her. After hanging up with her I felt the emotion was not mutual. I’d been on the road a lot lately making service calls in a hundred different little bo-dunk towns. I could feel the distance growing. I feared she was talking to other men. The inevitable was beginning.
I finally managed to pop open the door and kick-drag all of my belongings in. As the door slammed shut the Hispanic lady hustled by kids in tow. As I lifted my eyes, phone clinched in my teeth, I was met with what I least expected. A woman in my room. Not just any woman either, but a drop dead stunner. She was tall, nearly six feet, most of it legs. She was wearing very short cut off shorts and a tight tank top, obviously with nothing underneath. She had bright red hair, usually not at all my preference, but I could not deny the beauty of that hair matched with milky white perfect complexion, fine goddess like features and piercing green eyes. She was smiling a perfect dimpled smile.
My immediate reaction was I’d stumbled into the wrong room; however in my peripherals I could see my suitcase, my phone charger, my empty energy drink cans. Not to mention my key had worked upon entry.
Maybe she was in the wrong room? She’d never be smiling if a strange man had walked uninvited into her room. I’d never seen her before, and no matter, a woman like that would never purposely come into my room for any reason.
Perhaps someone had sent an escort? No one knew where I was staying, and honestly I didn’t have the type of character in my life to do something like that. Not to mention the unlikeliness that this one light town had a working girl of this caliber.
As I stood like a deer in the headlights these thoughts running through my head, eyes locked to her beauty I saw her change. I’ll never explain it. She continued to smile, but her lips shifted, her eyes darkened, she tightened. The beauty disappeared. She became menacing.
Such a dark angry bitterness came over her that I instinctively took a step back. Without a word, or sound or even a breathe she sprang upon me. The movement was less of a spring and more of a instant, effortless deliberate float. She was screaming, screeching, emoting something unlike I’d ever heard, flailing at me like a failing piece of complicated machinery. Like you’d imagine a prototype robot self destructing trying to dismember it’s creators.
I had stumbled back and dropped everything, beer and food spilling everywhere, in one unregistered motion. I continued to stumble off balance until my back hit the door. As most peoples’ would my instincts had taken over. I was covering my head, hunched over absorbing her blows. Despite her earth shattering crushing shriek, I immediately felt I was in no real danger. She was weak. Very weak for her stature. Abnormally lacking any strength, sickly feeling, for what had moments before appeared to be an exceptionally healthy female human specimen.
I am not an athlete, but I am what many might consider burly. Six foot, over two hundred twenty pounds butt ass naked, with the hands of a man that works hard for a living. I gained my composure and as she swung wildly I snagged each wrist in my clubby hands and held her arms still. She began to kick in the absence of her hands. I simply walked her back while she was off balance and pushed her onto the bed. I straddled her as any big brother would a younger sibling, on my knees holding her hands over her head.
In even less of an instant she changed again. Her smiling face softened, her lips parted slightly. I somehow found myself gazing into her deep emerald eyes. It wasn’t so much beauty now, as something much more lustful. Her body relaxed in one way but seemed to offer a sensual invitation. That ever so faint squirm and hip raise.
As my logical mind screamed what the fuck, my instinctual side as before took over. I could feel my arousal pushing against my stiff work pants. Like every movement in the last few moments this seemed to happen in an impossibly instantaneous blink. I’d never reacted this strong this fast.
Luckily my logical brain was still mostly in control. I quickly averted my eyes from her gaze, fought my primal urge, though I still noticed her heaving breasts and soft thighs beginning to spread with invitation.
I snapped myself back to the reality that I was dealing with an unstable sick person. I came back to the world in which my safety might be in jeopardy. I needed my phone, now lying in a pool of beer and taco meat. I looked toward it measuring my options, before I realized hotels still had hard lines. Next to the bed, where I was restraining this stunning psycho was a corded phone.
I felt my best option was to take this big brother move one step further and shimmy up her body to place my knees on her hands. From there I could reach for the receiver. I was not to concerned about any damage she could deal from this position. That thought had no more than traveled through my mind when she snapped back to insane. She lifted her head. In my confused, aroused, scared state of mind I’d dropped my own face into her reach. She sank her teeth as aggressively as an rabid dog into my cheek. My fore arm immediately went to her throat to push her away. I was successful in slamming her head back to the bed but felt a piece of my flesh rip away in the process.
Now here we were. My face bleeding into hers, her eyes on fire. I could see the piece of my cheek clinched between her teeth. In my upper most peripherals, eyes more focused on the horrendous sight of a piece of me torn away about to be swallowed, I saw what I could only explain as her head cracking open.
From the forehead, just above her eyes her flesh began to tear, rip apart. As if some unknown demons were playing tug of war, each gripping near a temple, salvation awarded to the winner. The sound reminded me of paper tearing. She did not scream.
The tear moved down, between her eyes to the top of her nose. Flesh, blood and puss. Smell, smell of decay. What was being revealed beneath was a black slick skull.
As the flesh tore, her strength tripled, or more. I could feel I would be tossed away in a matter of moments.
Before I could be tossed away, landing at a disadvantage, I jumped up and moved as quickly as any husky man ever has, toward the door. I blew it open, nearly knocking over the husky Hispanic woman, returning from another child driven errand. All I could do was let my feet fly. Behind me, somehow I knew, she was gliding after me. Her shrieking now at a debilitating decibel level. Burly was no longer an advantage.
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