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An odd character in a small village
The day seemed quite ordinary, nothing out of the usual, especially in such a simple setting, such as that of a village.

The village was quite rustic, with some houses still built from very old stones, other houses having been recently built and still others only rebuilt, whereas others were falling apart, ceilings literally collapsing to the ground below.

It was quite a site to behold indeed; the houses in ruin, belonged to heirs that simply were not interested in returning to the village of their forefathers,; they had made a life for themselves elsewhere, very far from their homeland.

An odd character, stuck out from this scene.
An elderly man walked the streets of this village quite often almost 5 times a day if not more, I noted.

I will call him: Joe, as I did know his name, but auntie Frieda knew something about him.

When I enquired about him to: Frieda, she tensed up and mentioned: “ A good for nothing, never does anything around here” she replied.
“ So how does he live?” I enquired quizzically.

I was truly intrigued by this character.
“ He walks around the village mostly” , “ walks to a coffee shop in the nearby village most days” sneered Frieda.

Feelings of empathy arouse inside me; “What a sad character “ I mentioned to Frieda.
“ Maybe, because he does not have a family, he simply does not care” I mentioned in thought, to Frieda.

His house was opposite Frieda’s house.
Frieda’s house had been rebuilt from a previous dwelling.
It was in an immaculate condition.
Joe’s house was right opposite and across Frieda’s house.
It was truly dilapidated, almost a ruin. The roof leaked, the windows were broken.
It seemed as if Joe, could not care that his house was in such a contrast to the other houses around him, but maybe, just because some houses around him were also in quite a bad state.

As I was heading to go and visit someone on a cold winter’s day , I met Joe on the street.
I decided to greet him “ good morning “ I said.
Joe, simply looked at me, with a faceless expression and continued on without ever stopping.
Wow, I thought, what an unusual character.

In a way, I pitied Joe. No one seemed to care about him. Someone that no one mentioned in conversation or even considered.

It was as if Joe did not exist, it was just that simple.
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